New Software to Reset your Own Passwords

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Therap has introduced new functionality allowing users to reset their own passwords, designed for occasions when users have become locked out of their accounts or forgotten their password.  Agency administrators can configure user accounts so that a user requesting a password reset will receive a temporary password via email or text message to an authorized number.  This new feature removes the need to notify a supervisor or follow through a chain-of-command to reach an administrator to change a password.  This adds convenience and reduces time staff are locked out of accounts for incorrect password attempts.

Therap ensures industry-leading security and data integrity at every step of the documentation process.  Its two-factor authentication option offers an added layer of security when logging into the system through a second registered phone number or device.  In accessing records and individual data, Therap’s multi-level access control mechanism allows administrators to define the level of access any specific user will have on a particular record and actions that they will be able to perform. Therap forms carry electronic signatures and full audit features of the users’ actions taken while working on the form, including electronic time and date stamps, device and browser details, IP address and more. To keep records of operations performed by users inside the system, Therap offers an activity tracking reporting tool to investigate system use and access to forms.  It’s an essential tool for audits and monitoring staff activity.

Therap addresses physical and logical threats through a layered defense approach. Therap adheres to data privacy and protection principles defined by industry-specific methodologies such as HIPAA/ HITECH, undergoing independent audits and maintaining accreditation for security standards and processes.  Additional technical and procedural standards and protocols such as those established in the SANS Critical Security Controls framework and by the Center for Internet Security are utilized. This includes routine and regular backups at separate locations to ensure that data is readily available.

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