7 Custom Pool Ideas for Boca Raton

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Boca Raton is one of the most luxurious south Florida communities. This warm location is known for its pools – nearly every home has one! A custom pool can add value to your home, meet your aesthetic needs, and wow your guests. What more could you want? Whether you’re installing a brand new pool or remodeling an old one, here are some custom pool building ideas for Boca Raton.


Custom pool shapes are a great way to showcase your personality and create a beautiful aesthetic. While you can get your swimming pool shaped like just about anything (a guitar, maybe?), custom shapes are limited to the ridiculous. This can mean shaping your pool around a gazebo, adding lots of rounded sections, or styling it after a natural fixture. Your pool can be any shape you want. You could add strange geometry, put an island in the center, and more.

New Tiles or Interiors

If you have an existing pool, you might want to remodel it to fit current trends. New tiles and interiors can help create a new look, even if your pool is older. The type of tiles or interior patterns you can choose depends on what your pool is made of, but you should be able to choose options like pebble aggregate, glass beads, colored quartz, and more. There are a ton of options to get your pool looking exactly the way you want.


Custom LED lighting can create a dramatic effect in your pool. Some LED lights can create beautiful colors within your pool. Whether you’re swimming with your family or entertaining guests at an after-dark pool party, some dramatic lighting is sure to wow everyone who attends.

Water Features

Water features can add a touch of cool sophistication to your pool. You can choose jets that spray streams of water into your pool, bubbler fountains, and more. You could have a separate section specifically for your water features. A water bowl can pour water into your pool in an infinite loop, creating a lovely waterfall effect. You can even install a rain curtain section that combines all the benefits of a waterfall with more complete coverage.

When it comes to your custom water features, your pool and your budget are the only limitations. Choose the features that make you happiest when installing your pool!


A spa or hot tub can add a great personalized touch to your pool. There are a ton of custom spa shapes and options, including a waterfall edge – which continually pours water down into your pool. This spillway feature requires a spa to be elevated above the level of the pool. Options include several small cut-out waterfalls, one pebble facing, or steps that run down into the pool.

Spas don’t have to be custom, either. The addition of the spa itself is a great way to customize your pool! Choose one that works with what you already have, and enjoy the benefits of having a relaxing spa whenever you need it.

Above-Ground Options

If you’re building a custom pool from scratch, it doesn’t have to be an inground design. You can add an above-ground pool that is cleverly built into your patio, as part of another feature, or in a small oasis-like alcove. If you don’t want the classic boxy above-ground pool look, consider adding oasis rocks and other décor features – or even a small pond and a spillway. There are so many ways you can design your pool – don’t be locked into choosing an inground design when there are so many other options available.


Waterfalls are a special type of water feature that immediately adds some level of sophistication to your pool. Waterfalls can originate from anywhere, but the most common are created with a higher pool ledge, raised spa, or from a taller feature specifically for creating waterfalls. Adding a waterfall to your pool can be a great way to make it look and feel better! These cascades create a lovely aesthetic, but they’re also fun to play in.  If you have the design space for it, consider adding a waterfall to your custom pool design.


Boca Raton is a warm, summery location full of luxurious pools. Add  yours to the mix with these great custom design options. To get started, you’ll need to contact a swimming pool builder. Boca Raton is the perfect place to make your dream pool a reality!

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