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The Price of Business show is a strategic partner of They are part of the Price of Business Digital Network.

About the Price of Business Radio Show

The Price of Business is one of the longest running syndicated radio business shows in the country. The show is hosted by multi-award winning broadcast journalist, Kevin Price, this programs brings fresh perspectives to national and business news. Kevin Price is known for getting the big interviews — billionaires, Pulitzer Price winners, Emmy Award winners, NY Times Best Selling authors, and many others.

For more information on the program and contributing to the show or sites, contact  The show covers approximately 88 percent of the US population on numerous redundant platforms. It is also aired in 16 markets coast to coast.

More from USA Business Radio.

USA Business Radio is a leader in the developing new and creative programming.  The network has recently launched a new program within the Price of Business show called “Business, Life, and a New Normal”. Learn more about it here.

Coming soon are programs focusing on venture capital, mentoring, the best selling books, main street business, and more.

Kevin Price is one of the only people to win the national George Washington Honor Media in communications two years in a row.  According to Price of Business show:

“The Host of the Price of Business — Kevin Price — is Known for Getting the Big Interviews. New York Times Best Selling Authors, Multi-Billionaires, National News Personalities, and More.

“Price is a multi-award winning author, speaker, columnist, and business talk radio and TV personality. He is a guest on many national media, including… (Read More)

Listen to the latest radio show segments and see the reach of the show, here.  

Check out the expanded video and radio here on the Price of Business YouTube channel. This includes the nationally syndicated television show. 

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