Fact finding on Hezbollah Network

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By  Tactical Rabbit, Special for USDR

Tactical Rabbit has collected and analyzed all available data in creating its eye-opening new report on Hezbollah’s domestic reach. The complete report is available  here.

“We have high confidence that Hezbollah maintains a loose network of independent cells in major metro areas,” remarks Everett Stern, Senate candidate and intelligence director at Tactical Rabbit. “These cells primarily engage in fundraising and information dissemination, rather than any overt illegal or militant action. Individual supporters are almost certainly well-integrated members of society – many are business owners or other professionals. Meanwhile, newcomers with ties to Hezbollah often take advantage of the student visa program to acquire technical skills here in the U.S. before applying them back home.”

Individual Hezbollah members and supporters fall into three categories, according to Tactical Rabbit’s report. “Hardcore” individuals typically have extensive military training and experience. Most Hezbollah members living abroad are so-called “regular” members. They support the organization’s goals, but probably have little experience or training. Informal supporters have no direct connection to Hezbollah but are sympathetic to its goals; however, these people likely would not agree with terrorism as a political strategy.

As “America’s Private CIA,” Tactical Rabbit provides investigative expertise that protects individuals and companies from fraud and liability. The firm’s background check services, for example, go well beyond those of typical services. Ordinary background checks involve culling public data to produce information – Tactical Rabbit leverages human informants and deep analysis to turn information into actionable intelligence. The methodologies employed by the firm are based on those used by the U.S. military and CIA.

Tactical Rabbit also offers domestic and international investigative services to uncover the money streams keeping terrorist organizations, drug cartels and other criminal entities afloat. The firm’s proprietary methods and due diligence give companies peace of mind knowing their finances are entirely legitimate. The recent Hezbollah report is an example of this type of exhaustive and methodologically rigorous research.

For corporate leaders who aspire to be “Warrior-Executives,” Tactical Rabbit has developed a two-day, intensive urban survival program modeled on military special operations and CIA training. Competencies addressed include corporate espionage and insider threats, travel security, data security, first aid and self-defense. The program concludes with a practical exercise to test and apply all of these skills.

To produce its proprietary forecasts and analyses, Tactical Rabbit leverages a combination of financial intelligence, open source intelligence, human intelligence and cyber intelligence. The firm’s data collection and analysis methodology is designed to reveal hidden patterns and insights that top-down, automated analysis frequently ignores.

About Tactical Rabbit

Tactical Rabbit is a leading-edge intelligence firm offering customized investigation services for US citizens, organizations, the government, and businesses ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations. Tactical Rabbit has a proven track record of previous work with financial institutions, law firms, hedge funds, and governmental agencies.

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