How to Leverage and Understand Your “Financial Personality”

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Atlanta-based DNA Behavior International is recognizing Financial Literacy Month by making its real-time behavioral finance-based platform, Financial DNA, available to anyone who wants to benefit from learning their own “financial personality.” The online tool is normally administered through financial advisors and wealth managers to help their clients maximize communication, while identifying risk profile, behavioral biases, spending patterns and goals-based planning preferences.

“While many advisors and clients are familiar with risk-tolerance surveys, Financial DNA goes far beyond that one area, using a validated discovery process (think probing questionnaire) to identify things like how likely you are to delegate financial planning, how naturally inclined you are to save/spend, how you set/pursue goals, and your financial emotional intelligence level,” says DNA Behavior’s Hugh Massie. “We thought this month, after the pressure of tax season is off, is a great time to give consumers direct access to Financial DNA; they can then review their personalized report with their advisor.”

Massie notes that the 10-minute, 46-question tool reliably reveals the core of a person’s natural behavior; that is, innate behaviors they may not even realize they have that can drive financial reactions and decision making.

“We objectively measure a person’s natural, hard-wired behavior to reliably predict how you will make decisions over the long term,” he says. “In short, when both you and your advisor know why and how you react to market changes and why and how you make financial decisions, you can truly customize and enhance advisor-client experiences, with improved outcomes on both sides of the relationship.”

For clients, Massie says, this means greater clarity around investment goals and the path and strategies to get there, as well as improved financial information absorption and improved investment comfort level.

Anyone who wants to experience real financial behavioral insights for real results in real time at no-cost and with no-obligation can do so here. The consumer-direct discovery process/questionnaire will be available through May 10, 2019. For an idea of what your own Financial DNA report will look like, see sample.

Founded in 2001, DNA Behavior ( delivers practical, real-time, scalable behavioral insights to accelerate human performance in over 123 countries through 11 languages. In addition to its Financial DNA – of which the company’s new Market Mood for Investors is a component – the company’s 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes include Communication DNA and Business DNA.

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