Mobile App Industry Leader Launches New Interactive Website

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Eventpedia’s new website attempts to reduce friction for prospects and existing customers, serving as a central hub for associations and member-based organizations interested in or currently using their mobile app technology. Website visitors can seamlessly navigate between mobile event app and member engagement app products, while viewing image and video content created to continuously engage them while they’re on the site.

Eventpedia’s mobile event app solution creates a home for all of a client’s events and provides education and networking opportunities for their attendees. Eventpedia’s member engagement app solution allows clients to engage members 24/7 and provides access to all their digital needs within a single app.

Prospects can see the benefits of adopting Eventpedia’s mobile app solutions into their organization through interactive product feature pages and mobile app tour videos. The interactive feature pages display a growing list of the app functionalities, while the mobile app tour videos take the viewer through the different screens throughout the mobile apps.

They can browse through customer testimonials and case studies to gain insight on what problems other customers were trying to solve and how Eventpedia’s mobile app technologyhelped them achieve their goals.

More importantly, prospects can request free demos to see Eventpedia’s mobile event app and member engagement app in-action and discuss what their specific requirements are. There’s also an online chat feature that allows prospects to communicate directly with an Eventpedia team member to ask specific questions about the mobile apps, request in-depth documentation of the technology, as well as request a personalized quote for their organization.

Current clients will be spending more time on Eventpedia’s website as well. Clients can contact dedicated team members through the online chat feature to ask questions about Eventpedia’s technology, schedule free demos for new products that they are interested in and stay in the loop with upcoming events and trends in the industry on Eventpedia’s blog.

Clients can also access their mobile content management system from the top of any page, allowing them to easily access and customize their mobile app right from the site. When they need to make quick changes and updates on the go, clients can log in and adjust whatever they need right on the spot.

“This software allows me to be in control of the look and feel as well as the content WITHOUT the constant hand holding of a developer. Fast, reliable customer service on a user-friendly platform,” said Megan Cottrell, Web Content and Community Manager at CREW Network and one of Eventpedia’s current clients.

Eventpedia’s mobile content management system is the key to what makes their mobile event apps and member engagement apps the perfect fit for every organization they work with due to its robust capabilities and highly configurable functionalities.

“While designing our new website, we wanted to implement the same customer-centric standards that we focus on with all of our products. Not only did our team design something visually appealing, but they managed to create an inviting environment for all visitors to interact and quickly digest the information,” stated TJ Sun, President and CEO at Eventpedia.

“We hope that prospects and clients spend more time on this site due to the helpful resources we’ve made available to them.”

Eventpedia has been serving association and member-based organization clients with their event management software since 2011. Their new website will greatly benefit this community, with its sleek, clean, and easy to read design, helping prospects and clients navigate their website with ease and making the on-boarding of new mobile app technology a much less painful process.

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