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What comes to mind when you hear a phrase Recipe book? Do you imagine reading cooking recipes and making the dishes? I wanted to take this time to introduce you to the Women of the World Network™ recent anthology that is launching on April 7th! Our book is called “Recipes for Body, Mind, and Soul”. There are two unique things about this book: one is that each recipe includes a background story as to how the recipe was originated; second thing is the recipes are very diverse, some of them for your kitchen, some of them for your soul, and some of them for your mind.

I am honored and excited to introduce our second edition of the Women of the World Network™ Anthologies Series where we honor women from all over the world! In this edition, we are excited to share 18 beautiful, rich recipes for your life and for your kitchen. This book includes stories and recipes shared by women from 12 different countries including Canada, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, USA. Each chapter starts with a background story and followed by a recipe that originated in most cases as a result of that story or played an important role in that story. Our mission is to give awareness and bring light into unique, individual, personal memories or professional advice tips that will be uncovered by those reading the stories in the book or cooking the recipes included.

While putting this book together, I asked ladies to share their personal stories and stories in the recipe format along with a story that led to it, how it made her feel and how it connects to who she is today. In some cases, these are stories with rich, heartfelt, ethnic family traditions and home-made recipes, in other cases these are stories of personal lessons, discoveries, victories, and love.

I’d like to give a special thank you to Mary Ann Faremouth, who is one of my dear friends, one of the Women of the World Network members and also one of the co-authors in this book for her commitment, consistent support, and for sharing her beautiful story in our book. Mary Ann Faremouth is a Speaker, Teacher, and an Author of Revolutionary Recruiting and the accompanying book Revolutionary Reinvention. She has a huge heart for helping others succeed.

I want to thank Kevin Price for giving me this opportunity to share about our current book and our community. Women of the World Network™ Community of multicultural and multinational ladies. We are a supportive entrepreneurial community for multinational and international ladies thriving all over the world. Women of the World Network™ expand their personal and professional networks, access wholistic learning opportunities and grow their skills to nourish a business and life they love. We employ a holistic approach to success in all of our programs and our members connect globally, build business sustainably, and grow personally. We are introducing our members with techniques from experts all over the world that can help them build their business at the same time highlighting their strengths, uniqueness, beauty, health, mindset, expertise, and personality. We offer complimentary trainings for our members and have our own E-Academy as well. Our Programs include E-Academy, Empower Program, Business Expos, Influence Program, Networking events, and our annual Retreats. To learn more, you can visit:

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