The Economic Challenges Facing Virginia Beach

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The Price of Business show, The Daily Blaze, and USA Business Radio are doing a series on traveling to Virginia Beach, Virginia. We are taking a “eyes wide open” approach, including some of the challenges facing the area.

Virginia Beach, Virginia is a popular tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors each year. While the city is known for its beautiful beaches, restaurants, and attractions, it also faces several economic challenges that impact its growth and development. From the challenges posed by the winter season to the aging hotels and transportation issues from the airport to the beach, Virginia Beach is not immune to economic challenges.

One of the biggest economic challenges faced by Virginia Beach is the winter season. The city relies heavily on tourism for its economic well-being, and the winter season is a slow period for the industry. During this time, hotels, restaurants, and other tourism-related businesses experience a significant drop in revenue as tourists are not as inclined to visit the beach when the weather is cold. In fact, it is not at all unusual to find business owners that close their stores for 3 to 4 months during the winter months. This period of slow business can have a ripple effect on the entire city’s economy. For example, many businesses may reduce hours or lay off employees during the off-season, leading to lower consumer spending and a potential reduction in tax revenue for the city. It is also a reason why prices for things are much higher than you would normally find in other locations.  Shopping in Virginia Beach feels much like being stuck in a large airport when it comes to prices. They are outrageous. This is not unusual at places called “tourist traps,” but those were they are heavily impacted by weather, the situation is worse.

Another economic challenge Virginia Beach faces is the aging hotel infrastructure. Many of the hotels in the area were built in the 1970s and 1980s and are in need of updates to keep up with changing consumer preferences. While there have been some new hotel developments in the city in recent years, the majority of the hotels are older and lack modern amenities. This can make it difficult for the city to compete with other popular tourist destinations that have more modern and updated accommodations.

Transportation is also a significant economic challenge for Virginia Beach. While the city has an international airport, there is no direct transportation from the airport to the beach. This can make it challenging for tourists to get to their hotels and attractions, and can lead to frustration and potentially fewer repeat visitors. The lack of direct transportation options also makes it difficult for the city to attract new businesses and residents, as access to reliable transportation is essential for many people.  Also, it is difficult to get non-stop flights to Norfolk. This is another negative to the city’s growth, especially as the airline industry continues to suffer from the effects of COVID.

In addition to these challenges, Virginia Beach also faces competition from other nearby tourist destinations. For example, nearby cities like Myrtle Beach and Ocean City offer similar attractions and amenities, which can make it difficult for Virginia Beach to stand out and attract visitors. The city must continue to invest in its attractions and amenities to stay competitive and differentiate itself from nearby destinations.

To overcome these economic challenges, Virginia Beach must take a proactive approach to its economic development. This may involve working with local businesses and organizations to promote the city during the winter season and encourage tourism during the off-peak months. The city could also invest in marketing campaigns that highlight the area’s unique attractions and amenities to differentiate itself from nearby destinations.

Upgrading the aging hotel infrastructure is another important step that Virginia Beach can take to improve its economic prospects. This may involve offering incentives to hotels to make renovations or providing low-interest loans to encourage hotel owners to update their properties. By investing in updated accommodations, the city can improve its reputation as a top tourist destination and attract more visitors year-round.

Improving transportation options from the airport to the beach is also crucial for Virginia Beach’s economic development. This may involve partnering with transportation providers to offer direct transportation options from the airport to hotels and attractions. The city could also work with airlines to offer discounted airfare during the off-peak season to encourage more visitors to come to Virginia Beach during the slower months.

The bottom line is Virginia Beach, Virginia is a popular tourist destination that faces several economic challenges. The winter season, aging hotel infrastructure, transportation issues, and competition from other nearby destinations all impact the city’s economic well-being. To overcome these challenges, Virginia Beach must take a proactive approach to economic development, invest in updated accommodations, and improve transportation options to attract more visitors year-round. With careful planning and strategic investments, Virginia Beach can continue to be a top tourist destination and drive economic growth in the region.

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