The Price of Eggs Continues to Rise

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During the holiday baking season, consumers are buying more eggs than ever before. But as the price of eggs continues to rise, many Americans are wondering if it’s related to the bird flu epidemic in the U.S. The avian influenza outbreak has led to the death of millions of hens.

In the past year, 57 million chickens were killed by the avian flu virus. This outbreak has devastated poultry flocks and egg farmers in the U.S. and around the world.

The outbreak caused the egg-laying industry to undergo a severe decline. It knocked out 10% of the laying hen population. Egg producers are working to replace their flocks. And, because there are so few chickens left to buy, the cost of producing eggs has skyrocketed.

Prices are rising in part due to the higher costs of feed, packaging, and labor. These costs have increased by as much as 60%. Another major factor is the broader food inflation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national average price of a dozen eggs has increased to $4.25, more than double the price at the start of 2022. There’s been a large increase in the cost of a dozen eggs since the beginning of the year.

Prices are expected to continue to climb. The price of a dozen large grade A eggs has reached $4.25 in December, compared to $3.59 in November.

Egg consumption has also increased, even surpassing that of red meats. Consumers are buying more eggs for holiday baking, and will likely see an increase in demand for eggs over the next few months.

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