What Would Society be like if Everyone was Introverted

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Kevin Price, Editor at Large for USA Business Radio and Host of the Price of Business Show, has recently become hooked on Quora.  In addition to daily hosting the Price of Business, Kevin has numerous writing obligations on this and other sites for which he serves as an editor and with his syndicated column, so we decided that if he’s going to write at Quora, he is going to share that content on this website.  If you are on Quora, make sure to follow Kevin.  You can check out his page here.

Kevin’s hot topics on Quora are history, free market economics, philosophy, and Myers Briggs typology, and many others.  The following is one of his recent answers to the question in the title.

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As an INTJ my initial thought was to to dismiss this question with “it would be boring” and then move right along to another query. After further thought, I now conclude that society would be different and probably more virtual (which is saying a lot considering how much the world has already moved online).

For example, one of the most introverted types is the INTJ, yet online we are all over the place online. I believe INTJs are a disproportionate demographic on sites like Quora, and it is amazing how candid and vulnerable they can be at places such as Facebook. My real world friends have seen things by me on Facebook (that I have shared with the thousands I do not actually know) and have noted to me, I would never say that to others in a conversation. For the introvert, the online world seems like a protective barrier between us and the real world, even though most know intellectually that is not true.

For introverts, the online world is incredibly empowering when it comes to making connections. In some ways, the most introverted types — the INTJ and INTP — are particularly enabled by the virtual world.

Therefore, over time in such a world, the most influential types could be introverts in general and the INTx in particular.

Although much of the fun would move online, the need…. (read more, while there FOLLOW Kevin and check out more of his work)

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