Whiteboards N Whiskey Is on the Rise

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Michael Rager.

Price and Rager discussed the rapid rise of the innovative coaching firm, “Whiteboards N Whiskey“. Rager, who is the co-founder of the firm, discussed with Price several things that sets this firm apart:
*  Its unique value proposition
*  How it is unlike any other firm out there
*  How it leans into innovation to grow
*  National expansion
*  And much more.

Welcome to a business journey guided by strategic thinking, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. I’m here to guide business owners to double their revenues and profits every 2 to 3 years consistently. No ‘Yes Men’ here—just a team dedicated to vetting new ideas, crafting unique client experiences, and building high-impact teams.

My business journey, a mix of success and invaluable lessons from failures, has been shaped by overcoming challenges and pushing forward after failure. With a strong background in the oil and gas industry, I see both white and blue-collar aspects of a business. Pioneering the environmental inspection industry, I thrived and was part of a team that sold a company in that niche.

Life is short. I believe in having fun and spending time with those who bring out the best. Profits aren’t just financial gains; they are a means to make a positive impact. Join me on a journey where we combine fun, community strength, and purposeful profits for lasting success.

Specializing in guiding business owners approaching their first 7-figure year, I collaborate successfully with both white-collar and blue-collar professionals. Let’s navigate the shift from hands-on to strategic planning, hiring the right talent, and ensuring sustainable growth.

In business transformation, I turn aspirations into tangible successes. My approach involves guiding business owners through a visionary process, envisioning where they want to be in 3 years, breaking it into 90-day chunks, and addressing the top 3 challenges each quarter. With support through the Accountable Boardroom model or personalized 1-2-1 coaching, we embark on a transformative journey.

What sets me apart is not just a program; it’s The Accountable Boardroom, a trademarked system that fosters collaboration, growth, and success. And then there’s Whiteboards N Whiskey, a unique lead generation program I created to make clients stand out in their industry. Working with me means tapping into creativity, strategic planning, and unwavering accountability. Let’s chart a path to success together, leveraging these innovative tools.

Learn more at https://teachyourbusinesstofish.com/.


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