7 Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid

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Moving is stressful, and mistakes happen. The best way to avoid the most common moving mistakes is to plan ahead. I want to share 7 of the most common moving mistakes that people make so you can be prepared before your move day arrives!


Not packing enough boxes

Each box should be filled with as much stuff as possible so it can close completely, without any air pockets or extra space inside between objects that might cause a drop on its way out!

When you move, the number of boxes and packing material you need changes depending on how much you have. You’ll want to make sure that each box has enough room for what will fit in it, so there isn’t a lot of wasted space or empty air inside your boxes. If not, then more than likely, it won’t close completely securely because something is poking out from one side or another. It also means that when someone picks up the box, they may drop it before even getting halfway across the driveway if it’s too heavy!


Forgetting to pack important items like your passport or birth certificate

Forgetting to pack important items like your passport or birth certificate is one mistake when I moved from my old town. It was a frustrating experience because, without them, you can’t get into your apartment building or new school; if needed! Even worse – the first day of work with no ID card means you’re not even able to go up those last few floors at the office where everyone else has their desks and locker room in order.


Packing too many clothes and forgetting about sentimental items

Packing too many clothes and forgetting about sentimental items is a mistake that I have also experienced. It can be really hard to make tough decisions when it comes time to pack up your apartment or house. Still, if you are only taking the bare minimum of what’s necessary for living in your new home (bedding, towels, and dishes), then there will be room left over for things like favorite books from childhood or pictures with friends!


Moving on a rainy day

Moving on a rainy day when the ground is wet and slippery, causing damage to floors and furniture. If you are following tips for a long distance relocation, you must be aware of not moving during rains. This is something that I experienced first-hand when my dad and uncle moved me into college. The move went smoothly, but there were some issues with the floor in one of the rooms because it was wet from rain during our moving process. 

I didn’t want to take the time or spend the money on getting it fixed, so I just kept my area rug down and made sure not to walk on that side of the room.

The best thing you can do when moving in rainy weather is to make sure your items are covered up with sheets before carrying them out and be careful about where you lay those wet items once they’re outside; some may need a little air drying first. If there’s any furniture inside that needs moved (such as couches), then cover them with plastic wrap too! It would help if you also tried to move smaller things like lamps or tables first because these won’t require much effort without having someone help you carry them.


Packing fragile items in boxes without any padding

Packing fragile items in boxes without any padding material inside them can lead to breakage during transit. It’s best to pack them in a box with crumpled-up newspaper, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts.

The worst thing you can do when moving fragile items is not adequately protecting them from damage and breakage during transit; it’s better to use materials like paper stuffing (such as newspaper), air-infused plastic bubbles, or Styrofoam balls to line the inside of your boxes. You should also avoid stacking heavy objects on top of smaller ones placed at the bottom of a box because this will cause unnecessary strain on these already delicate items.


Failing to take care of pets before you move out

Another common moving mistake is failing to take care of pets before moving out, so they are not left behind with no food or water for an extended period of time. So always make sure your four-legged friend is not left behind!


Forgetting to Pack an Essentials Box

You’ve packed up everything you need for the first day, but there are a few things that can’t be left behind. It would be best to pack an essential bag or box where you put all of the items you will need right away and any essentials not to be forgotten, and important documents like medications and clothes. Keep in mind these other daily necessities such as liquids, snacks, phone chargers–even your favorite toothbrush!



You have many decisions to make when you’re moving and packing, and making the wrong choices could be costly. The best thing is to hire full-service movers so that they can pack up for you!

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