Instead of Owning Their Behavior, #METOO Accused are Using this “Weapon”

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A USA Business Radio Media Wrap Up.

Editors’ note.  This story is only beginning to show up on the news radar screen, but we expect this tactic of using law firms to cover for the #METOO accused to expand.  It is becoming a significant tool in fighting #METOO accusations.  The right to due process is legitimate — very American indeed.  However, the law is often used to protect nefarious behavior.  We are going to keep an eye out for stories about people like Jeff Fager, who has been accused of covering for the horrible behavior of others, but his stories have been largely uncovered.  Keeping an eye on the legal representation of the accused will help the movement to explain why there is often a lack of coverage.  As always, if you have stories about #METOO, we want to cover them.  Especially those of accused celebrities that fell from power, but are already back to work.  We have an on going story on that subject here.

The Daily Beast reports:

“One of television’s most powerful men, 60 Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Fager, hired a law firm that boasts about ‘killing stories’ for a Washington Post investigation into him, three sources familiar with the matter told The Daily Beast.

“The story was a deep dive into what CBS managers knew about former anchor Charlie Rose’s alleged sexual misconduct, but due to the aggressive tactics of law firm Clare Locke, the sources said, the story was ‘effectively neutered.’

“Clare Locke also did work for former Today show host Matt Lauer and current New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush, three sources say. Both men were accused in news publications of sexually harassing women. The law firm was also recently hired by David Pecker, the CEO and chairman of American Media Inc., parent company of the National Enquirer, to try and shut down a negative story from a newspaper, according to two sources.

“Clare Locke is the creation of husband and wife team Tom Clare and Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Locke. ‘Some of Libby’s biggest defamation ‘wins’ are stories the public will never hear about,’ her website says. They have litigated against Rolling StoneThe New York Times, Katie Couric, CNN, and Gawker, to name a few.”

In the same vein, TV Newser reports:

60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager appears to be in hot water.

The legendary CBS Newser reportedly hired a law firm ‘that boasts about killing stories’ to look into a Washington Post investigation surrounding his handling of the Charlie Rose scandal. That’s according to a story published last night by Lachlan Cartwright of The Daily Beast.

Cartwright states that the WaPo story was ‘a deep dive into what CBS managers knew about former anchor Charlie Rose’s alleged sexual misconduct, but due to the aggressive tactics of law firm Clare Locke, the sources said, the story was ‘effectively neutered.’”

Got a story on the #METOO movement? Know of an accused that feel from power, but is back to work?  Email us at with your story. 


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