DEVELOPING STORY: #METOO Accused Celebrities Going Back to Work

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This article will be continuously updated as we hear more stories of those accused of sexual harassment finding their way back into their career.  Some of those listed are not celebrities in the traditional sense of words, but are considered prominent in their field.  

Every person in this ongoing article are only accused of such actions, unless convicted of such. 

If you find information on others we did not cover, let us know so we can keep this list up to date by emailing  

Here is our growing list of known individuals accused by the #MeToo Movement and are making serious strides to recover career.  These are individuals who were often at the height of their field at the latter part of 2017, largely in disgrace amidst accusations by the beginning of 2018, and are already in the process of getting back into their fields.  The list below has where they were, and where they are going.

Former MSNBC Darling Mark Halperin is now at the very right wing NewsMax. The Daily Caller reports “Over the weekend, social media was abuzz with the realization that disgraced political pundit Mark Halperin is now an on-air contributor for fledgling right-wing network Newsmax, which has been making a recent play for disgruntled Trump supporters angry with Fox News. As The Daily Beast reported last month, Halperin, who became persona non grata in mainstream media after his history of alleged, widespread sexual misconduct was exposed in 2017, has been at Newsmax since at least the summer—and he even hosts his own show on the Trump-boosting channel.” Updated 11/23/20

Louis C.K is on, what is being called by critics, the “WTF Comeback Tour”.  The Daily Beast notes “The famed comic, who confessed to serial sexual misconduct after many women came forward, announced a new comedy tour. He has a long way to go before earning back women’s trust.” Updated 9/30/19.

Billy Bush is Back! The nephew of one President and cousin of another went down in flames over a recorded conversation he had with  a future President, Donald Trump. In that conversation the two casually discussed the objectifying and misconduct of women. For Bush, the revelation of that conversation could not have come at a worse time as he was just about to become a regular on the Today Show. Well, he’s back, now on the entertainment show EXTRA EXTRA as a host (it is the former EXTRA re-branded). Read about how he got this gig. Updated 8/26/19

Mark Halperin is getting help from major MSNBC names.  Several national news sources report that Mark Halperin, the disgraced former MSNBC news personality is getting a great deal of help from some major players, including Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and others. He is also doing something of an “apology tour” and grabbing as many opportunities to talk to an audience as possible. Additionally, he is having meeting with executives from television networks. Updated 5/2/19

“Kevin Spacey is plotting a comeback — and ‘is still getting acting offers.'”  Page Six reports one of the most widely accused perpetrators among those in the #METOO world is not only dreaming of a comeback, he is getting actual acting offers.  This is happening even with fresh accusations against him.   Updated 1/6/19

Louis CK begins comeback at famed NYC comedy club.“The performance came nine months after the comic admitted to sexually harassing multiple women by masturbating in front of them, and subsequently lying about his guilt before eventually issuing a kind of mea culpa.” Now the debate has officially begun about whether his “road to redemption” started too early. Updated  8/28/18

Matt Lauer vows to fans, “he’ll be back on the air.”  Lauer “was was recently spotted at an old haunt of his, Donohue’s Steak House, telling fans that his return was imminent”…. saying ““I’ve been busy being a dad. But don’t worry, I’ll be back on TV.”  Updated 8/27/18.  This comes after the following we covered back in July.  Matt Lauer has come out of hiding for a lengthy interview. He did not give this exclusive to US media, but to Radio New Zealand’s show Checkpoint with John Campbell. This is the first since accusations of sexual harassment brought down his very career as one of the highest paid journalists both at NBC and on TV news in general. It is too early to say what this will lead to, but some say it is likely his first effort in career rehab. Updated 7/24/18

Chris Hardwick’s Career Back On Track After Sexual Assault Investigation.”  That’s the headline from the Huffington Post about the host of the popular game show, The Wall.  This after a sexual assault accusation from an ex-girlfriend.  How “back on track” is Hardwick’s career? HuffPo notes “NBC said that Hardwick will serve as a guest host next Tuesday on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and will return as host for season three of ‘The Wall’ game show. Production on ‘The Wall’ is set to begin in the fall.” 8/7/18

Bill Shine, the Man Accused of Covering for Fox News Sexual Harassers, considered for White House Gig.  Although never accused of sexual harassment, he is seen as a serious enabler, protecting people like Roger Ailes and others accused of inappropriate behavior.  Those who were victims of such harassment saw Shine as one who “aided and abetted” those who perpetrated such.  He is rumored to be in the running as the new director of White House press and communications for Donald Trump. Updated 6/28/18

Mark Halperin Appears to be Jockeying for a New TV Show.  The Daily Beast reports that the disgraced former NBC and MSNBC commentator is in a “round of media meetings” … “reported to have included a PBS executive, CNN pundit Hilary Rosen, ubiquitous screen presence Kellyanne Conway, and former television news legend Charlie Rose.” Halperin denies he’s working on a show.” Updated 6/27/18

Danny Masterson Gets to Finish Up His Work on Netflix.  They were in the middle of production of the next season of Netflix’s show The Ranch when one of the main co-stars, Masterson, faced accusations of harassment.  Other shows on Netflix with actors facing such accusations were dramatically changed or scrapped (see House of Cards below).  Is Netflix testing to see if viewers are willing to forgive and forget?  Updated 6/15/18

Kevin Spacey is back to work.  Sort of.   We say “sort of,” because the reality is that the project in question, The Billionaires Boy Club finished filming long before the accusations.  Many thought that, with the accusations, they would redo his part with a different actor. That did not happen.  The accusations against him are among the worst of the many that are accused, because some on that long list were underage at the time of the incidents. A year ago Spacey was on top of the world with his popular House of Cards Netflix series on. Updated 6/14/18

Eric Bolling, formerly of Fox News.  Bolling was a super star on the fast track at the most popular of cable news networks.  Accusations of sexual harassment against him led to his quick departure.  He’s now finding his way back at the upstart CRTV network.

Bill O’Reilly, formerly of Fox News.  If Bolling was a rising star, O’Reilly was on the top of the heap.  His departure over accusations of sexual harassment rocked Fox News and sent a chilling effect to everyone that no one is exempt from repercussions for such behavior. Now, he is frequently found doing interviews, has his own premium platform where people pay for content, and rumor has it, is about to join the team at NewsMaxTV.

Actor TJ Miller, formerly of HBO’s Silicon Valley.  This popular act was ran off of HBO after being accused of having a history of inappropriate behavior towards women.  Now, he is back playing Deadpool’s best friend in Deadpool 2.

Jeffrey Tambor formerly of Amazon Prime’s Transparent.  Tambor won vast critical acclaim for his role as a transgendered parent and won an Emmy for his acting.  However, accusations of sexual harassment got him kicked off the show.  He rebounded nicely and fast, finding himself on the fifth season of his long term project, Arrested Development. That came out this week on Netflix.

Charlie Rose, formerly of PBS and CBS.  Charlie Rose is in talks about hosting a series with other men accused of sexual Harassment.  It is being positioned as an “apology series.” Iconic editor, Tina Brown, is said to be behind the project.  No network or video streaming service has been named at this point.

This is just the beginning.  If you catch an actor — or other celebrity — on the “career mend” following #MeToo accusations, let us now.  We will want to share that information on this growing list. Email us at when you see such.


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