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Cohaesio Group, who has been in the IT Outsourcing, hosting and software business since 1996, has made a deal to have hosting company Zitcom acquire Surftown from the company.

The acquisition is part of Zitcom’s growth strategy in the Scandinavian hosting market.

The founders and owners of Cohaesio Group, Morten Felsvang and Frederik Schouboe are pleased to have found the right strategic owner for Surftown.

“It has been fun, exciting and challenging to develop Surftown and now see it as part of a strong platform. It goes without saying that we are sad to have to say goodbye to the many talented colleagues, but we also know that the new owner can provide a stronger platform for the continued development of the business. We are looking forward to focus 100 percent on our cloud-to-cloud backup company”, both of them say.

Stefan Rosenlund, CEO at Zitcom, is very pleased with the transaction and the possibility to continue the growth in the Scandinavian hosting market and adds:

“We are extremely proud and thrilled to add Surftown to our growing portfolio of hosting brands. In Zitcom it is our ambition to become the preferred vendor of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Scandinavia when they move their business online. With the addition of Surftown, which is known for its excellent support and skilled employees, we have gotten closer to reaching our ambition also because Surftown has a strong position in the Swedish market.”

About Zitcom: 
Zitcom is supported by the international private equity fund Waterland who during the last years have invested heavily in the Danish hosting industry through multiple local acquisitions. With the acquisition of Surftown, Zitcom employs 160 people and services more than 200,000 private and business customers.

About Surftown:
Surftown is headquartered in Copenhagen and a leading provider of webhosting, domains and design of home pages. Surftown manages more than 120,000 domains for its 50,000 SME customers.

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