Are Anti-Depressants Contributing to Mass Murder Events?

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By the Price of Business, Media Partner of USA Business Radio.

In a controversial interview on the Price of Business show Contributor Dr. Linda Lagemann visits with host, Kevin Price about the growing connection between mass killings and anti-depressants.  Lagemann is a mental health professional. It is not that these murderers are not getting “mental health help,” but may be suffering from the medicines that are being prescribed to them.  The suffering that spills over into mass killings that have become increasingly common.  This is not to take away responsibility of the alleged killers, but to bring focus to a very systemic problem being largely ignored by the media.  Lagemann argues that the pharmaceutical industry’s advertising dollars is leading to the news media asking all the wrong questions.  Lagemann argues that if these murderers did not have guns, they would find something else to use to kill others (and have done that).  The real debate should be about the medicines that are potentially contributing to these horrible events. If you listen to commercials promoting such medicines, they make it clear that their use could lead to suicide or violence.  Why is that discussion being ignored by the media?  Also, find out how many of these mass murders have a direct link to these drugs.    

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