3 Surprising Benefits of Visiting Escape Hour

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Well, we all know how fun escape rooms can be. There’s a massive surge in the popularity of Escape hour, and not only because it is fun, but also because of these amazing benefits of escape hour that you didn’t know.

Fosters better communication

Escape rooms are the best when visited in group. Even if you are in one of our escape rooms with a complete stranger, you need to come together and work out the problem in order to succeed. And for that, effective communication is mandatory. Escape hour allows you to bring in up to 10 friends or colleagues and use your creativity and communication to decode some real-life games. As the clock is always ticking, communication becomes the most crucial thing.

In real life, where we face such trouble communicating with some random colleagues, Escape Hour will prove to be most communal thing you can do with them. One thing we are sure of is that its lasting effects will be translated into your workplace and in your daily life.

Improves problem-solving

If you are fan of solving mysterious puzzles, Escape Hour quest room and locker room are something you can’t miss out on. These rooms are the perfect way to boost your problem-solving skills as you are operating under a pressure to solve the problem as quickly as possible. The problems are different and dynamic to always keep your heart pounding and engaged.

Your analytical and critical thinking skills are constantly challenged and eventually improved which in turn could be transferred out of these rooms to be used at your workplace.

Significantly boosts productivity

Escape Hour is known for their highly enthralling and challenging escape room in Edmonton and Calgary. All much as they are exciting, they challenge your memory and problem-solving abilities. And they act as an incredible morale booster and make productivity much, much easier.

You could bring your employees here to foster team spirit and productivity by enabling better communication and boosting their morale. It works even more if you come with your roommates, no kidding.

If you are in Calgary or Edmonton, your must experience the unparalleled dimension of exciting gameplay at Escape Hour with your friends and loved ones. Strengthen your relationships, boost your problem solving abilities and know more about someone you don’t know that much but would like to. It’s really surprising how beneficial a 60-minute puzzle solving game at Escape Hour could be for you.

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