3 Tips For Creating A Functional Laundry Room In Your Home

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While it’s beneficial for all rooms in your home to serve their proper function, there are certain areas that really need to be as effective and efficient as possible in order for your home to run smoothly. One of these areas is your laundry room.

Also known as a service yard, your laundry room can quickly become a catch-all for clothes and other items if you don’t have things set up properly. So to help you in doing this, here are three tips for creating a functional laundry room in your home.

Install Additional Counter Space

One thing that will make all laundry or utility rooms more functional is to add more counter space than is already there.

Even if you don’t have a full room or larger space that is designated as your laundry room, you can still find a way to put more counter space or other workspace. To do this, Caroline Utz, a contributor to Good Housekeeping, recommends that you put something flat over your washer and dryer. Then, you can use this space however you see fit. Some people might like to use this area to fold clothes while others might find a way to make better use of a storage area that can now be placed on this flat surface.

Put In A Utility Sink

When doing laundry, one thing that can be very helpful is to have a utility sink placed right near your washer and dryer.

According to Brittney Smart, a contributor to Homedit.com, a utility sink can be used for things like hand washing or soaking any clothes that can’t go straight into the washer, cleaning off items that you don’t have to have to bring all the way through your house into the kitchen or bathroom, and just overall simplifying and cleaning up your life. So if your laundry room doesn’t have a utility sink, you may want to consider adding one.

Make It Easy To Hang Dry

Just like how some things can’t be washed in your washing machine, some clothes also shouldn’t be dried in your dryer. Typically, if drying in a dryer isn’t an option, you’ll want to hang dry these items.

To make this easier to do, Hadley Mendelsohn, a contributor to HouseBeautiful.com, suggests that you find a way to install something that you can use to hang dry your clothes. This could be as easy as suspending a few rods from your ceiling or walls. Whatever you have space for, try to think of something you could use to make hang drying easier.

If you’re wanting to make your laundry room more functional for your needs, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find numerous ways to accomplish this goal.

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