4 Reasons Why HR Professionals Use GoLookUp To Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

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The background check has become popular amongst the human resource department. There is a growing need for professional sites that can provide quick and easy access to public records and perform a background check. GoLookUp has become increasingly popular amongst HR professionals.

GoLookUp is a background checking software with a comprehensive database and offers access to public records and other special features. The other services offered by this software include identifying unclaimed monies, background check, best reverse phone search, access to arrest records, and catch a cheater.

Below are 4 Reasons Why HR Professionals Use GoLookUp To Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

Conduct Background check

The integrity of the person you are engaging will influence the way you interact with him/her. The online aggregator allows HR professionals to conduct a background search on people they are engaging.

A background check is the verification that a person is who they claim to be. Background checks provide an opportunity to check a person’s criminal record, education, employment history, and other past activities. It allows HR professionals to confirm their validity.

Most times, HR professionals conduct personal background checks on prospective employees to reveal their past dealings, employment, education, and so on.

Criminal record

The online search aggregator allows HR professionals access to the public information about the prospective employees such as criminal records. This will allow the employer to be aware of the past activities and take appropriate control to prevent danger and safeguard the lives and properties of the company and other employees.

Where the HR professionals conduct a criminal search on prospective employees, they can prevent waste of time and resources on training an employee that they may not have employed if they were aware of his criminal record.

Verification of information

Data verification is an important aspect of every business. There is a large need to confirm data which have been supplied by prospective employees.

HR professionals need to verify the information’s provided by prospective employees. Information such as school graduated from, grade, age, name and so on of prospective employees can be verified through the use of GoLookUp.

HR professionals can now discover on time if the information provided is true and free from material-mistake that could lead to costly mistakes for the company.

Integrity checker

This online aggregator can be used as a tool for checking the integrity of prospective employees. The online aggregator allows the employer to make searches on people to confirm their integrity.

For instance, if the employer discovers through the search that the job seeker was sacked due to an integrity issue or is a sex offender, then the job seeker fails the integrity test and is not given the job.

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