5 Criterion For Choosing The Right Senior Living Facility

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Choosing the right senior living facility is of the utmost importance for the whole family.  The safety, care, and comfort of your loved one is priority, and it’s vital that you choose a facility that can ease the fears and concerns of everyone involved.  

You want to know your loved one(s) are living their best life, and choosing the facility that is best suited to your needs means you’ll need to invest in some research.  Check out a few criteria you should consider while searching for the right senior living facility.  

Level of care needed

The senior living facility you choose needs to be equipped to handle the level of care you or your loved one needs on an everyday basis.  Dementia patients, for example, need more guidance and supervision throughout their daily routines.  

Gather information on the medical services offered through the facility as well.  You have to be sure a facility is set up to properly meet your needs before going any further with the research of their property.  

What you can afford to pay

Living in a senior living facility isn’t cheap.  You will pay quite a significant price for housing and all of the services provided.  It’s vital that you take a look at your finances, and settle on a sustainable price range.  

Don’t forget to include other indirect costs of relocating to a senior living facility.  You or your loved one will need personal hygiene items, special snacks, and other things to maintain a comfortable everyday life.  

Consider the location of the facility

The location of the facility is also a main consideration when searching for the perfect senior living space.  Ideally, being close to the family would be a priority.  

However, there are a few different reasons why a family might choose a senior living facility that is in another town or state.  Access to specific services might take you on a wider search for the perfect place.  

Staff-to-resident ratio 

Before you get your heart set on a location from reading about its services and gorgeous landscaping, take the time to check out the staff-to-resident ratio.  

If you or your loved one needs close care and attention, you’ll want to find a place that has a low staff-to-resident ratio.  For instance, a 5 to 1 ratio will provide much more attentive care than a 20 to 1 staff-to-patient ratio.  

Activities and events available

Look at the activities and events as a part of the criteria for choosing the most suitable senior living facility for yourself or your family member.  You may want to see a nice swimming area or a tennis court as a part of the facility. 

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