5 Golden Tips by Kristjan Podgornik on Scaling in Business Like a Pro

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Everyone wants to know what it takes to build a multi-million empire in business. And for Kristjan, it is fascinating how he disrupts the luxury industry like a pro, being young. He is pretty fortunate as he had a high-end background in arts as his father was an international art dealer. He also raised him on the responsiveness of artists like Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. However, success is not just training and skills but the mindset and attitude you develop. It is how you perceive the journey. Just like his Golden natural products, he is having golden success. Here are five tips you could borrow from him to scale your business like a genius.

  • Passion 

It is highly advisable to pursue what interests you as the higher the possibility of growth. The growth persists if you have the drive to give the business your best. After all, you enjoy every step of the journey due to the enthusiasm you have. Kristjan’s background in arts and the beauty of his country, Slovenia, made him develop a profound interest in arts. He set to pursue his passion diligently, making the best out of his capabilities. Through that power, he made a considerable innovation that got him at the top of the game. He is also a trusted event and travel organizer by many celebrities worldwide. 

  • Establishing Relationships

There is great power in building and maintaining healthy relationships. It would be best to develop the habit of networking as it is a way to know concerns you need to address as you get more referrals for your businesses. Networking also helps one explore opportunities through people. Kristjan is keen on keeping relationships with clients that have earned him a larger market share globally. He has served celebrities like actor John Malkovich, tenors Placido Domingo & Jose Carreras, and rapper Redfoo. Being involved in the high-end social scene, Podgornik has met Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson, among others. 

  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction 

Customers are the stronghold of any organization. You cannot succeed without sales. You, therefore, need to enhance their experience as you address their concerns. Their satisfaction is your win as they will find a reason to not only stay loyal to your firm but refer others. Kristjan has been thorough on customer satisfaction right from the beginning and has gone the extra mile to beat competitors, such as sending them cards with particular messages with each package they purchase. 

  • Mindset 

Mindset is also a significant success contributor. It is what you train your mind to obey. The success journey is not an easy path, and it would therefore be best to develop the proper perspective to keep you on track. Kristjan has a strong belief that he will only reach as high as he sets his bar. However, he strongly believes in his capabilities and can go the extra mile to achieve his dreams. That is a drive that triggers perseverance in him.

  • Willingness to Grow

Learning is a continuous process, and you need to be ready to consume knowledge to improve your craftsmanship, as Kristjan does. He builds up his expertise fast due to his willingness to grow. Now his high-end designs are a reflection of his taste, and it keeps getting better each season.

Website: https://www.goldenproducts.eu/the-story/

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