A Fun Way To Generate Revenue in Slower Times of the Year

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By: Ruth King


Let’s start with a story of a client:

February was this client’s worst month of the year.  We decided to do something about it.  We looked at the February monthly revenue for the past three years.  Then we chose a minimum revenue goal that was a stretch but not impossible to attain.

We presented the idea to the entire team.  We told them what the numbers had been in the previous years.  Then we asked them what they thought the company could do if everyone pitched in and came up with ideas that could be executed.  (We didn’t tell them what we came up with). The group came up with a higher revenue number than we were willing to accept.  It was a stretch but no one thought it was impossible to achieve.

Assuming the company reached the goal, the owner would take everyone and their spouses/significant others out for a steak dinner at a great steak restaurant in town.  And, the company paid for the babysitters…so that everyone could go and enjoy an evening out.

What happened?  Everyone came up with ideas and leads.  They were implemented and great results occurred. The company met the goal and everyone had a fun evening out.

So, choose the month of March or even a three month goal.  Have the prize be a steak dinner or a monetary prize or something else.  It’s your choice.  Just make sure that all of your employees have input and believe that the goal can be met.  If you are like most clients I’ve done this contest with, you’ll be shocked at who comes up with the greatest ideas and how motivated everyone can get.

It’s a fun way to increase revenues in the slower revenue months.


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