Are All INTJs and INTPs Intelligent?

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Kevin Price, Editor at Large for USA Business Radio and Host of the Price of Business Show, has recently become hooked on Quora.  In addition to daily hosting the Price of Business, Kevin has numerous writing obligations on this and other sites for which he serves as an editor and with his syndicated column, so we decided that if he’s going to write at Quora, he is going to share that content on this website.  If you are on Quora, make sure to follow Kevin.  You can check out his page here.

Kevin’s hot topics on Quora are history, free market economics, philosophy, and Myers Briggs typology, and many others.  The following is one of his recent answers to the question in the title.

Demographically INTJs and INTPs have the highest academic IQ scores as a group, but intelligence is measured on so many levels. Academic IQ without persistence, empathy, and other forms of intelligence will amount to little. I cannot tell you how many PhDs I have met over the years doing menial jobs because they lacked the other forms of intelligence.

Furthermore, I have met some INT*s lacking in he intellectual space, though rarely. That’s because of the nature of being an Introverted Intuitive Thinker means we have spent an enormous amount of time naturally developing the brain as a powerful tool to get things done. Again, … (read more and learn about Kevin’s work at Quora, don’t forget to follow him there).

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