Boost your Mac’s Storage Space with these Tried and Tested Tips

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Acquiring a MacBook comes with lots of responsibilities. You need to look out for the best maintenance software, the way to increase its storage capacity, and many more.


No matter how much you take care of the devices, a time comes when your device fills with clutter and the problem of low storage occurs. What could be the reason for low storage?


The library folder contains some hidden files which take up a lot of disk space. It is in the form of caches, logs, application support files, language files, sleep image or mobile devices backup. These things take up your space.


Worrying about how to clear up some space in your device? Read ahead.


  • Upgradation of solid-state drives – Modern MacBooks are equipped with solid-state drives(SSDs) as compared to the mechanical hard disk drive. SSDs work faster than the previous technology. You can upgrade SSDs as it will make your device run smoothly. Your gadget will work like new when you add an SSD to it. Upgrade kits are available that are required to upgrade your gadget’s storage. This is the fastest method that you can perform.


  • Delete old and large files – We are in love with the movies, photos, and the memories that we have stored on our gadgets but we rarely look at them. We do not want to delete that either. If you are facing this, then archive these files and move them to an external drive. It is an excellent method to clear some space. You can click here to get a free macOS tool that will fetch you the solutions for your storage needs.


There are certain applications that will help you in finding large and old files. It will assist you in sorting the enormous files by size and locating the massive ones quickly.


  • SD cards – SD card slot is helpful in expanding your gadget’s storage. You can get the SD cards at a reasonable price. So, if upgrading SSDs is expensive for you, then this is the solution you can look for.


  • Network-attached storage (NAS) – This is a great method for people who work from home. NAS drives can be configured to your machine. Once this is done, you can backup your device to the network location. A wireless connection can slow down the speed. So ensure that you use the wired connection to your MacBook.


  • iCloud – In the settings, you will see the option of “Store in iCloud”. You can store the files here which you do not use regularly. Therefore it will free-up the space for the important things that you use daily.


  • External hard drives – You can store the unused data or the data which you do not use regularly in the external hard drives. You have to carry this wherever you go but it is a good method for backups or hard drives.


  • Say bye-bye to unused applications – Oftentimes, we install the applications to see how it works. But soon a pile of forgotten apps is collected. So review your applications once in a while and uninstall them if no longer in use.


Following these strategies will organize your machine and you can work effortlessly.





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