Buy Walmart+ and Get Paramount+ at No Cost

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Walmart and Paramount Global have agreed to work together to offer a streaming service that is free and ad-supported. The partnership will give users access to both companies’ streaming services for two years. For the first 12 months, the service would be exclusive to Walmart members, but after that, it would be available for all. Customers can choose whether to receive notifications from the company or turn off the feature in their settings menu.

Walmart+ subscribers will have access to a library of premium streaming content, including TV shows and movies from top studios, and popular kids’ shows. The service will also allow members to stream live sporting events and popular films. Walmart+ members can expect to receive their subscription immediately, with Paramount+ content available to stream at no extra cost.

Walmart has been looking to partner with other streaming services, including Comcast and Disney, but has settled on Paramount Plus. It plans to bundle Walmart Plus with the service, so that the two companies can compete for customers. However, the exclusiveness of the partnership isn’t guaranteed. T-Mobile is also offering Paramount Plus to its customers, but it’s unclear how long it will last.

Paramount+ subscribers can stream the latest episodes of popular TV shows on the service, with limited commercials. For an extra fee of $10 per month, they can upgrade to the premium plan. This plan also has a growing catalog of original shows, including RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jerry & Marge Go Large, and Cecilia. Plus subscribers also have access to CBS Sports events and local CBS stations.

Amazon, Netflix and Disney have been the leaders in the subscription streaming market. According to Amazon, the services have 200 million Prime members. Paramount has 56 million members, while Disney and Netflix have two-and-a-half million each. However, Walmart has not publicly disclosed the number of its Plus subscribers. Walmart Plus has a few optional perks, including priority access to PS5s and direct grocery delivery.

Paramount+ has a wide selection of original and classic television shows, including NFL on CBS live and Nickelodeon nostalgia. It also has newer series such as Yellowjackets and The Good Fight. It has exclusive streaming rights for many major sports properties. Additionally, it offers breaking news and popular movies.

Walmart’s membership program is a great option for customers who want to save money on subscriptions. It is similar to Amazon Prime, but the benefits are more tangible and exclusive, Walmart argues. Members can receive free shipping on any online orders and can have the convenience of receiving groceries at their local stores. This service is not available at all stores, however.

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