CS:GO: Most Annoying Things to Happen During the Game

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We’ve all been there when the team doesn’t have basic knowledge and just runs around shooting pointlessly. This is only the edge of the iceberg. Check out this list with Most annoying things to happen during a game of CS:GO. And find out how to prevent them.
Running and shooting
Somehow, people don’t get the idea that, while running the accuracy of the gum goes way down. Especially when trying to shoot someone from ‘Pit’ to ‘A’ on Dust 2 with the AK. Of course there is Sidestep shooting, but at Nova 1, most people should just learn the easy things first before moving on to more advanced things. Read more about how to fix mic in CS:GO.
Not buying any grenades
It’s always essential to have in handy the needed gear. And grenades are definitely a must have. So before going on a mission, make sure you are fully packed with everything, because sometimes the difference between a simple flash and a grenade is the difference between losing and winning.
Everyone is sick and tired of hackers, unless you’re one yourself. There is absolutely no point in playing a hacked game. The whole drive and emotions are rather made up. But at the same time, the gameplay of other people who aren’t cheating is screwed up. Wall hacks, move speed increases, aimbots and being able to see extra information such as how much health your opponent has are all fairly common hacks and mostly easy to disguise.
Offline gaming
Many of the bots spontaneously freeze outside doors and in hallways. That makes it very easy to kill them, especially since they react slowly. You may think that’s a positive thing now, but I find that a little irritating as a player. Also many of the guns do no good in close combat.
Mic not working
One of the most annoying things in CS:GO is when the mic just stops working. No voice chat, no nothing. And you have to take the time and fix this problem. Gladly there is an awesome step by step guide on How to fix the CS:GO mic. Make sure to check it out.
And lastly for some good news. One irritating thing less. Here it is..
CS:GO will show you the way you’ve got killed
A new update has been sent to Counter-Strike : Global Offensive. It will include more information about dangerous shots to players-for example, whether they were fired through smoke or whether a flashbang blinded the gunman.
For those of you who might have missed. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has received a new update that has implemented many gameplay improvements, including one that substantially enhances the gaming experience. From now on, players will also be told, among other items, whether the killing shot was fired “blindly” (e.g. after being struck by a flash grenade) or by smoke from a smoke grenade, and whether the player pulled a “no scope kill” using the sniper rifle. In the so-called “destruct feed” visible in the upper right corner, this information will be shown.

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