Cutting Down on Manpower: Saving Time and Labour With Excavator Rental in Melbourne Australia

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Melbourne’s market for construction, home improvement and trade services are by far the most active and vibrant of the entire local economy, it’s estimated that currently these areas account for as much or more than the mining boom of 2002 to 2012. Even during COVID, construction, home improvement and associated trade services kept ticking along albeit slowing compared to previous work availability.

During the crisis another new situation appeared, with so many people out of work or on reduced hours, the number of DIY home improvement and construction projects increased 10-fold, this was easily witnessed by visiting any Bunnings store during the lockdown period.

The downside however to this period of time however, was available manpower, many construction sites had to reduce the number of workers on-site, and home improvement DIY projects also could not rely on friends or relatives from outside the household to assist in cutting down the time taken to complete the job.

With the situation still similar today as mentioned above, some of the best tips for fixing this situation would be to shift the reliance on manpower to machinery, this can be done easily and at low cost. While a lot of people may overlook this area, some simple things you can do to improve productivity would be to hire an excavator to undertake most of the groundwork and earth moving.

It’s possible to obtain excavator hire in Melbourne Australia on either a daily rental rate or weekly rate, most rental companies will provide delivery or a trailer if you wanted to pick the excavator up yourself.

Other interesting options are attachments for excavators, say you require a jackhammer for breaking up some concrete or brickwork, rather than hiring a separate jackhammer to manually operate the hammer by hand, you can rent an excavator hammer attachment instead and do the job from the cabin of the excavator.

Some of the attachments available for Melbourne excavator rental are as follows: Hammer / Breaker (jackhammer style attachment), Augur attachment (circular ground hole digger / stumps digger) and sleeper grabs (able to pick up and move large sleepers and concrete blocks).

If you decide to hire an excavator in Melbourne, some other things to consider are the type of work you are doing, if the ground you are working on is already covered by lawn / grass, then you would likely need to cover this ground area before driving the excavator over the top, for this you would need to hire ground mats which are metal sheets with a grip pattern, these are pegged into the ground and protect the underneath from any damage.

If you will be moving a lot of top soil into a truck, then you can also consider an additional hire of a mini-dumper rental. Mini dumpers are basically large buckets with hydraulics systems, meaning you can place soil, rocks or debris from the excavator scoop directly into the mini dumpers bucket, the bucket can then be hydraulically extended to the top centre of the truck and placed inside, no need for manual labour at all!

So, if you are trying to get more work done with less available manpower, it’s by far worth considering an excavator rental in Melbourne, they are low cost, easy to use and cut down manual labour by around 75%.

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