Eric Licht’s Controversial Stint as President of CNN: A Troubled Legacy

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed David Dozier who is a leading media authority.

Price and Dozier discussed the turbulent reign of Eric Licht at CNN.

The tenure of Eric Licht as President of CNN was marred by controversies and a declining reputation for the once-revered news brand. Licht’s brief reign was characterized by questionable practices, internal conflicts, and a failure to address the network’s declining ratings.

A Fading Reputation

CNN, once regarded as a premier news organization, has experienced a steady decline in ratings over the years. Under Licht’s leadership, the network failed to reverse this trend and reconnect with its audience. Instead of critically assessing the network’s shortcomings, Licht’s focus seemed to be on changing the news approach style, but not the substance.

Forced Advocacy of Moderate Views

One of the most concerning aspects of Licht’s tenure was his reported mandate to CNN reporters to advocate for moderate views, even if they did not personally agree with them. This blatant disregard for journalistic integrity undermined the network’s credibility, as it became increasingly apparent that CNN was more interested in pushing a specific agenda rather than presenting balanced reporting. This demoralized journalists and angered viewers who believed the network was trying to dupe them.

Internal Strife and Departures

During Licht’s brief tenure, CNN faced a wave of internal conflicts and high-profile departures. Journalists and executives who had been associated with the network for years departed amid concerns about the work environment and editorial independence. Licht’s leadership style and alleged pressure to conform to a particular narrative created a toxic atmosphere that hindered the free exchange of ideas and stifled dissent.

Declining Ratings and Public Skepticism

CNN’s declining ratings during Licht’s presidency cannot be ignored. The network’s shift towards a false “moderate” approach alienated a significant portion of its audience. Instead of addressing these concerns head-on, Licht seemed more interested in defending the network’s reputation rather than engaging in self-reflection and genuine course correction.

An Abrupt Exit

Eric Licht’s sudden resignation as President of CNN further raised eyebrows. His departure left many wondering about the true motivations behind his decision. Some speculate that the mounting pressure and internal discord, coupled with CNN’s continued decline, compelled Licht to abandon ship and protect his own reputation.

Legacy of Decline and Lessons Unlearned

Eric Licht’s tenure at CNN will be remembered as a troubling period of decline for the news brand. Instead of revitalizing the network, his leadership exacerbated existing problems and tarnished CNN’s reputation further. Licht’s failure to prioritize journalistic integrity and address the network’s declining ratings raises questions about his suitability for such a prominent role.

Rebuilding CNN’s Future

As CNN moves forward, it must confront its internal challenges and restore its reputation as a trusted news source. The incoming leadership must prioritize unbiased reporting, foster a supportive work environment, and actively seek to regain the trust of its audience. Only through sincere efforts to deliver honest journalism can CNN hope to reclaim its former glory.


Eric Licht’s controversial tenure as President of CNN amplified the network’s declining reputation and highlighted the erosion of journalistic integrity. His alleged mandate for reporters to advocate moderate views they disagreed with further undermined CNN’s credibility. With a new leadership team, CNN must embark on a journey of self-reflection and commit to a renewed focus on unbiased reporting to regain the trust of its viewers.


The Price of Business is one of the longest running shows of its kind in the country and is in markets coast to coast. The Host, Kevin Price, is a multi-award winning author, broadcast journalist, and syndicated columnist. He is Editor at Large for this site.  Learn more about the show and its digital partners at

David Dozier ( is the author of the novel, The California Killing Field. He is a professor emeritus in the School of Journalism & Media Studies, San Diego State University. He’s an internationally recognized expert on communication management and public relations.

According to USA Business Radio, “David Dozier is a scholar of public relations and communication management, professor emeritus in the School of Journalism & Media Studies at San Diego State University, and author of The California Killing Field. He says fake news has become a phenomenon, political campaigns use the tactic to influence voters, and that it’s perplexing that a conspiracy-based group such as QAnon has gained national attention.

Kevin Price and David Dozier are doing a multi-part series on this important topic that will be on many different platforms, as well as on radio. Keep an eye out for the series throughout the Price of Business Digital Network and USA Business Radio.


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