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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, and show contributor Chris Kidd interviewed Ruben Gonzalez.

During a recent episode of the Price of Business show, Host Kevin Price and show contributor Chris Kidd interviewed Ruben Gonzalez. They delved into the power of following a leader, drawing examples from Gonzalez’s Olympic career. The interview focused on how to build trust, let go of fear and control, and follow a coach’s or leader’s advice right away to achieve goals faster than expected.

The conversation also explored Gonzalez’s journey in luge and how resisting his coach’s advice held him back. They discussed the importance of letting go of control, as it keeps us in our comfort zone and limits our potential for growth. Additionally, the interview tackled the question of why it’s challenging to follow a leader.

Throughout the interview, Gonzalez shared examples from his athletic career, emphasizing that the fastest way to reach goals is by embracing vulnerability, letting go of fear, and following a coach’s or leader’s advice. Gonzalez learned this lesson the hard way, breaking bones at over 80 MPH in men’s luge.

Ruben Gonzalez is a professional speaker and author who has competed in four Winter Olympics in four different decades. Since 2002, he has spoken for over 100 Fortune 500 companies on topics such as leadership, success, and embracing change. Gonzalez has been featured on major media outlets such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Time Magazine, BusinessWeek, Forbes, and Success Magazine. His best-selling books have sold over 300,000 copies and have been translated into over 10 languages.

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Chris Kidd is the Money Authority co-host on the nationally syndicated Price of Business show. It is one of the longest running shows of its kind in the country. He covers topics on money, the business of sports and entertainment, and more. Chris Kidd has more than two decades of investment experience in the stock market, options trading, real estate, and business development. Kidd is also a speaker and the author of the book Defeating Debt. He works with individuals and organizations to teach them the principles of success and building wealth that he has learned over the years.

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