Happy Career in 2020: 5 Professions to Enjoy in America

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Conventional wisdom holds that success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success. So happiness can be treated as a clear path for career growth. If you are not satisfied with your work, it’s a perfect chance to think about a LinkedIn profile makeover, getting headed a step closer to happiness. The list of occupations, which respondents have rated as happiest, can help to find meaning, direction, and self-esteem.

The Happiest Occupations in the USA

Are you engaged in the significance of what you’re doing? Do you get satisfaction from your current job? How often do you smile, recollecting your work routine? Are you enthusiastic every single day to start your job? You are not alone if you have any doubt while answering. It’s not news that fewer than all workers are so lucky to work for the sector they love.

Many key factors legislate the scale of happiness, such as age, work environment, type of work, relations with co-workers, and company culture. In contribution to on-the-job satisfaction, workers have ranked as follows:
1. Meaningfulness;
2. Autonomy;
3. Opportunity;
4. Recognition;
5. Manageable work-life balance.

And some messages received by interviewers are surprising and revealing:
● Fact #1. The single common feature for all the highest rated occupations is the ability to see a task through to the conclusion and get tangible results.
● Fact #2. The professions that have scored 9 of 10 aren’t always tied to a salary but have strong social support (firefighters, nurses, teachers) and a clear mission.
● Fact #3. Though tech jobs are considered to be monotonous, there is a proliferation of ICT roles, marked as the happiest careers ever.

The researchers determined the highest scores of happiness by weighing equally factors of high earning potential, overall job satisfaction rating, and active hiring in the USA during 2019-2020 to create the following list of the best jobs.

#1. Front End Engineer

● Median Base Salary: $105,240;
● Job Satisfaction: 7.8/10;
● Current Job Openings in the USA: 13,122.
A front-end engineer/web developer is responsible for the coding, architecture, and functionality of the websites. He should be able to cover every aspect of the manufacture of a whole product including testing user interface elements, building HTML / CSS / Javascript / Python / C++ sites, monitoring frameworks, and libraries. Front-end developers work side by side with QA analysts and Front end designers, bringing mockups or wireframes from development to delivery. Web development with its high demand and significant salaries is a great choice for starting your professional life or taking a new path in it.

#2. Java Developer

● Median Base Salary: $83,589;
● Job Satisfaction: 7.8/10;
● Current Job Openings in the USA: 16,136.
Java-based applications with the design, development, and management are the scope of activities for a Java developer. Large organizations, growing companies, and sites with high traffic prefer to imply Java programming, so the daily roles of a developer may vary. Job descriptions go well beyond mere computer programming, but always include owning and developing one particular application or several at once. Java developer takes part in full software development lifecycles or improves the overall product.

#3. Data Scientist

● Median Base Salary: $107,801;
● Job Satisfaction: 8.0/10;
● Current Job Openings: 6,542.
No one can imagine the marketing, retail, IT, finance, and healthcare industries without collecting data through analyzing business results. A Data scientist collects data, transferring it into a quite new format, which is appropriate for analysis. His role includes building tools to automate data collection, interpreting, and publishing for business use. Excellent attention to detail, strong mathematic skills (algebra, statistics), and knowledge of programming languages like SQL, Python, R, and Scala are the key factors to get hired.

#4. Product Manager

● Median Base Salary: $117,713;
● Job Satisfaction: 7.6/10;
● Current Job Openings: 12,173.

A product manager develops products by identifying them, generates requirements and specifications, sets timetables, and pricing for them. Market research, strategies of product introduction, and feedback are the features to be integrated into product planning processes. Communication with the product developer and high-level strategic planning needs either knowledge of the market, as well as business and technical expertise. Interpersonal and communication skills with problem-solving ability are helpful in cross-functional collaboration a product manager leads.

#5. DevOps Engineer

● Median Base Salary: $107,310;
● Job Satisfaction: 7.8/10;
● Current Job Openings: 6,603.
DevOps engineers are responsible for overseeing code releases and deployment, focusing on automation and maintenance of software products, systems, and services in the live environment. These specialists are familiar with the development tools used to create new code or update existing code and know the principles of managing the IT infrastructure that supports software code in various environments. Their task is to select an appropriate deployment model, a direct testing protocol to validate each release and to monitor its performance after. Communicating and coding skills are required to team with software developers, QAs, system operators.

The above-said careers are a few where workers have a passion and consider it as a true career to work for. For example, Steve Jobs recommends finding out the passion at first of work and only then to step over to that particular job. It would thus be a smart way if you can opt for a job you love instead of working for the job for salary or compulsion.

Before doing a LinkedIn profile makeover, you should make sure that you choose the right vacancy to set your heart on. The compiled results of several latest surveys about job satisfaction levels among the working Americans have approved that not money, but the passion for what you do is critical for getting satisfaction.

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