How Does Commercial Truck Insurance Work?

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Imagine a quick hypothetical situation: you’re a small business with big trucks, or you’re an owner-operator offering your trucking services to others. 

After an unexpected accident, you find yourself having to deal with uncharted territory — liability for the incident, medical worries, maybe a truck accident lawyer in Sacramento to work through the legal complications, etc.

It can be quite the harrowing ordeal, and it’s in these situations that you might want to have commercial truck insurance to help cover your vehicle and potential damages. The following info will help you learn more about how said insurance works and what you might need when seeking coverage for yourself.

What Is Commercial Truck Insurance?

If you have a vehicle that is dedicated for business use, such as a truck, commercial truck insurance is what will provide you with protection against liability and property damage. If you own a business, you’ll need commercial truck insurance for each of your vehicles that is performing a business purpose, such as carrying equipment, delivering goods, or transporting people.

How does it work? Let’s say there’s an incident on the road — like a collision, or vehicle damage due to bad weather. You would file a claim with the insurance company, then receive compensation that would help you address different damages to your property that were a result of that incident.

Alternatively, if you (or one of your drivers) is responsible for an incident that injures someone else or damages another’s property, that person might file a claim with your insurance company. Similarly, your liability insurance would help pay for the costs, up to whatever limit your policy is for.

Speaking of which, the specific items that commercial truck insurance will cover, along with the amounts, can vary. It’s up to you to make sure you select a policy that has the right limits and covers the correct areas you might need for your business. By and large, commercial truck insurance can address the following:

  • Mistakes in delivering, loading, or unloading
  • Primary liability for damage you might do while operating your truck
  • Property damage, physical damage, and collisions
  • Non-collision related damages
  • Personal injuries to yourself or employees
  • Medical payments or coverage for hospitalization

Costs for your policy will, again, vary based on how much your policy covers, but you should know that commercial truck insurance is a sound protective measure for you to take against any potential future calamities you might experience.

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