How Fake “Authority Marketing” is Destroying Reputations

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Everyone has seen them.  Individuals that promote their expertise and claim to be “media authorities.”  It is common to get a link to a website with the image of an author, consultant, business coach, accountant — you name it — with images of some of the biggest names in media.

With “as seen on…” next to “ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CNN,” it immediately catches one’s attention.  It makes people immediately ask, “who is this person?”  Or, at least it use to.

In our research we found dozens of companies that use this form of marketing on a large scale.  They are looking for people who do not want to take the time to do the work (or lack the ability) to become the media recognized authority, but want the credentials anyway.

We put “as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CNN” in a Google search (something many do when they see these promotions) and we found thousands of links.  Many of these links point to marketing programs designed to trick people into believing they are authorities.  These approaches are “legal” (as they often mention on their pages, making them look suspicious), but they have “bait and hook” written all over them.  Businesses being approached by those with these kind of “credentials” are now doing just a little homework and they find out the only reason for it (as actually seen on many of these sites) is as “a conversion process.”  This does not make the potential client excited about the so-called “expert.”

The more honest sites are clear, but no more reassuring.  They say their program WILL NOT BE:

  • A way to fill your site with traffic
  • An SEO, SEM or other web marketing strategy
  • A panacea that will convert leads into sales
  • Get you on the front pages of major media
  • Or make you into a celebrity overnight

Not only will this approach not make one into a celebrity overnight, it is possible to sabotage one’s efforts to ever become a legitimate authority because of these tactics. 

These type of credentials are becoming a kiss of death for those who want to move into legitimate media circles.  We visited with many media producers and asked them about these programs.  They will be the first to tell you they check out a potential guest’s site, see one of these “as seen on” banners, and move on to another possible guest.  They are not interested.  Most take mental note of that imaging and they simply will not work with them.  They are not considered trustworthy authorities.


Probably Not Seen on CNN, ABC, Fox and MSNBC!


What they promise is your “quote” (don’t worry, they will make one up for you if you cannot think of anything) on major media sites (if you look closer, it is their affiliates, not the networks).  They will provide screenshots and links of your quotes (often on paid pages of these sites, making it obviously “pay for paid”), the 4 network logos added to your picture, and being allowed to “legally and ethically” use this type of branding.

Unfortunately for the many who have gone this route, the “ethical” part often faces raised eyebrows.

What You Should Do With Your “As Seen On” Logo?

  • Do your homework.  Look at the language you use on your site to promote being an expert.  One will quickly see that the approach could very well be hurting you.
  • Get rid of it.  Unless you can cite credible opportunities in which you were on media, don’t use a “badge” like this that harms your credibility rather than enhances it.  For many it is a badge of dishonor.
  • Get legit.  There are ways to legitimately establish you as an authority.  They are not hard to do and can fast track you through the process. Through these programs you can get on nationally syndicated radio shows, articles in national news sites (with strong SEO authority pointing to your web page), and more. Here’s an example of one such program.

We are offering a guaranteed media opportunity on one of our outlets for anyone who signs up for more information. There is no cost for this.  Restrictions apply.  This may be your best way to learn more about becoming a credible media authority. 


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