Kevin Wessels: The Go-To Growth Acceleration Strategist for Time-Constrained Business Owners

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Time is of the essence and you should not afford even one more quarter of underperformance. You have to be more efficient in managing your time to have better control of your business. This does not mean you have to put extra hours to work and lessen your time for rest. Rather, you have to use your time wisely and dedicate it to things that guarantee success for your venture.  

Kevin Wessels, the founder and managing director of RevSherpas LLC, a boutique business growth advisory and customer experience strategy consulting firm for small to mid-sized businesses, is here to guide you on how to accelerate growth for your business. With his experiences in the consulting industry for over a decade and his internationally proven and proprietary Client Connect!™ formula, he can teach you strategies about revenue growth acceleration and methods to expand businesses on a global scale. His specialties include building client-centric company cultures, improving sales and service rep productivity, increasing client retention, and revitalizing underperforming marketing and lead generation strategies to double revenues and create more consistent cash flow in a short amount of time without having to spend a fortune and exerting too much effort. 

RevSherpas LLC

Having been a leading management consultant for several years, he has repeatedly seen how underperforming marketing tactics, manual-intensive, inconsistent sales processes, and inferior customer service have led many businesses worldwide to financial turmoil. Fortunately, for small to mid-sized businesses, the recent rise of technological innovations and improvements in mobile, cloud computing, P2P payment systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics has made streamlining and automating core marketing, sales, customer engagement, and service activities more convenient and more affordable than ever before. 

Despite the accessibility of many sophisticated prospecting, lead tracking, sales pipeline management, and marketing autoresponder solutions that were previously only available at the larger enterprise level for Fortune 500 corporations and leading global brands, many businesses ceased operations in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing this regression, Kevin Wessels launched RevSherpas to help small to mid-sized businesses accelerate growth and create a more consistent cash flow. 

Currently based in Houston, Kevin’s mission is to educate and enable business owners to dominate their competition, transform from industry laggards to leaders, and exponentially outperform in any economy quickly, inexpensively, and with less effort. 

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