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Learning a foreign language is important as it opens up our minds to understand different cultures. St. Augustine said that the world is a book, and those who do not travel have only read a page. I feel that the same rules apply in foreign language learning. If you only speak one language, then you haven’t opened your mind to the vastness of the world. 

We like in a world that is interconnected. Advancements in travel, technology and communication have made it easy for us to connect with people from diverse cultures. A South African can watch a Brazilian show. An Indian can watch American football. Technology has transformed the world into a global village. When you learn a foreign language, you get to expand your worldview, and in a sense, break the cultural barrier. 

A foreign language also makes you more marketable in the global marketplace. As immigration increases, we need to be prepared for working with people who speak a different language. 

But language learning is not easy. Adults particularly find it hard to learn a second language. We have this difficulty because as we mature, our native language dominates our linguistic map space. However, where there is a will there’s a way. Kale Anders has a way of making second language learning easy. 

About Kale Anders

Kale is a well-known YouTuber and business professional in Latin America. He owns an online academy where he has helped thousands of Spanish speakers learn English. Kale moved to Mexico back in 2016. While in Mexico, he picked up Spanish quickly and in a very unorthodox way. In just three months he was able to engage in a conversation in Spanish. Kale’s success at second language learning motivated him to learn more about language learning. He learnt language learning theories. After that, he purposed to share his discoveries through YouTube. 

Today, Kale is the Founder of one of the leading online language learning platforms in America. When he opened his YouTube platform, he got over 500 followers in less than 6 months. Through his platform, he managed to significantly influence and impact how Spanish speakers learn English. 

Online Language Learning 

Online language learning is a multi-billion market that is forecasted to transition to a $5.13 billion industry by 2024. The growth of online language learning is due to its convenience and cost-efficiency. Traditionally,people would have to go to a physical institution where they would pay huge sums of money to learn a second language. The physical approach to learning made it inconvenient for those who are geographically distant from an institution. Kale is one of the people who realized the potential of online platforms and quickly set up his online business. At only age 25 years, he managed to achieve what second language learning institutions failed to and still struggle to achieve. 

Kale’s Online Academy promises to make you fluent in English in three months. They do this by immersing the student into the culture of the language. Culture knowledge opens your mind to another culture. When you engage with Spanish speakers, you are able to live the language while you learn. To Kale, you don’t reach language proficiency by mastering grammatical rules. Instead, you have to immerse yourself in the culture, you are able to master how the natives build conversations. No wonder people who want to learn a second language fast watch subtitled movies

The best part of Online Academy is that you get to learn English under the guidance of Kale. This entrepreneur is living proof that you can master a language in 90 days. What gives Online Academy a competitive edge is that there are those ‘unorthodox’ ways that are only known by Kale. Once you subscribe to a class, he teaches you these unorthodox ways thereby speeding your language learning process. 

Spanish and English are two dominant languages. There are 33 million Spanish speakers in the U.S, thereby making it the second largest language spoken in the country. Also, achieving English proficiency in Latin America is important because of the trade partnership between North America and the South. English speaking has grown considerably important for business and international communication. Whatsmore, learning English is linked with economic competitiveness and growth in the global economy. If you are interested in learning English fast, then check out Kale’s YouTube channel. You can also reach out to him via email

Featured image used by permission from Kale Anders

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