Pandemic Anxiety: Can COVID-19 Stress Hurt Your Libido, Intimacy, Long-Term Relationships?

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ADVERTISEMENT. The COVID-19 pandemic brought along with it lots of disruptions. From changes to how we handle health concerns to an overhaul of brick-and-mortar business structures, we saw a global disease could alter our approaches to life. But’s those are not the only ways the pandemic affected the billions of people worldwide.

There was also some level of changes to family life and intimacy. Particularly among couples, the COVID-19 pandemic had different effects on many people.

For some, there was the element of closeness. The lockdown led to situations where couples were all by themselves and could spend quality time together.

However, there was a flip side for some other couples. On that end, we had couples who had to work from home grapple with long, inflexible hours behind their mobile screens. The immobility of work brought stress and anxiety over the future.

This twist to the effects of the pandemic has led to questions on the far-reaching impact of the global health crisis. Most people wonder if the stress and anxiety that come from the pandemic can potentially hurt their relationships, sex drive, and intimacy with their partners.

Here are four considerations on the impact of the pandemic on short and long-term couple intimacy.

  1. Stress is a leading cause of low libido

There is a level of certainty that stress could negatively impact the libido. Human beings react to stress in different ways. Buy generally for men, if they spend long hours working without adequate rest, it may lead to a low sex appeal and desire for them.

  1. Low libidos, in turn, cause strains on relationships

Where couples have their sex drives dwindling, it can have far-reaching effects on the intimacy in their relationship. One of the most common expressions of intimacy common to most couples is sex.

And where there’s a decrease in desire for sex, couples can no longer satisfy their partners. This could occasionally cause a breakdown in the intimate connection that the couple shares.

  1. Anxiety can also have impacts on libido and relationships

Anxiety is a form of mental stress. And this form of stress can change the perception of couples towards sex and themselves.

Anxiety can lead to an increase in blood pressure or overthinking. These psychological issues can also cause a disconnection between couples as they fear the future more than they express love to themselves.

Now you know that stress, anxiety, and libido are all chapters to the same story. How then can you work to maintain your sex drive and intimacy in your relationship?

  • Adopt healthy lifestyles

To maintain a healthy libido, choose to adopt healthy habits and choices that can improve your general health. These choices may span having a proper, healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables.

You may also want to consider making time for exercises and limit the hours you spend behind your computer screen.

  • Take effective supplements

You may want to consider taking nutritional supplements to aid your diet. On the other hand, to help relieve your stress levels, improve your mood, or support your performance, you may try boosters like Alpha King Supreme.

This testosterone booster by Force Factor contains fenugreek seed and ashwagandha to help increase drive and vitality.

  • Spend more time with your partner

You should also try to make more time to rest and get to know your partner better. These activities will better aid your intimacy.

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