President Biden Wants to Investigate Hidden Online Airline Fees

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President Biden wants to investigate hidden airline fees that customers don’t know about. The idea is to create a more transparent travel system. Under his proposal, airlines would have to disclose all hidden fees upfront. This would make it easier for consumers to plan ahead and choose the best deal.

Biden isn’t alone in calling for a thorough investigation of hidden online airline fees. He commissioned the Transportation Department to consider new rules to protect consumers against hidden airline fees. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the department will propose new rules that would make airline companies disclose these charges.

He announced the new plan at a meeting of the White House’s Competition Council. This council was formed last year to look into ways to improve competition and cut prices for consumers. Biden has urged other federal agencies to take similar steps to reduce prices. However, this proposal is only the first step. The administration will need to investigate hidden fees and other types of fees before the new policy is enacted.

President Biden wants to ensure that workers in the United States are treated equally. As a result, he wants to make sure that all workers have the opportunity to organize and join a union. His Protecting the Right to Organize Act would ensure that public service workers have the right to organize and join a union. His plan also includes tackling pay inequalities based on gender.

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