Price of Business Expands to Portland, Oregon Area Market

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The Price of Business show, which is nationally syndicated on the Biz Talk Radio Network, has just expanded into the Portland, Oregon area.  The show, Hosted by veteran broadcast journalist, Kevin Price, is one of the longest running shows in the country.  It has been on the air since 2001.  In 2017 it went national while working with Biz Talk Radio.

The show show can now be heard on 1410 AM KBNP in Portland, with a coverage area of over 2 million people.  The channel has long been known as “The Money Station” in the Portland market.  It is the only business and financial news station in Portland, with program that airs 7 days a week, 24/7.  In a statement, KBNP said that the Price of Business “sounds like our kind of content and we are happy to have it on.”

The show will air between 2 to 3 PM PST, M-F.

According to the Biz Talk Radio Network, “The Price of Business radio show is the longest running show in Houston and is now growing nationwide. The show has a team of professional broadcast journalists who bring the best of the news in business, technology, lifestyle, and more. Led by multi-award broadcast journalist, Kevin Price, the Price of Business is a tour de force in journalism. Guests for the show have included Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki; Daymond John of Shark Tank fame, and many others. The site is a media partner to several prominent news sites, including,,, and These sites are top traffic performers according to Alexa and other authoritative sites. Price is also a syndicated columnist and his articles appear in many sites, including, which is ranked in the top ten for traffic among news companies.”

According to its website, “KBNP’s all-business news and financial information niche was carved from a history of broadcasting that began in 1949, when AM 1410 was the Portland’s original KPAM. The “Sounds of the Classics” played from 1949 until 1973 on Portland Amplitude Modulation station.

“1973-1976 call signs changed to KLSC, and the “All Oldies All The Time” format.

“1982-86 heard new call letters KCNR featuring “More Of Your Favorites” under the banner—”Center of the Dial” moniker.

“1986-1988 introduced KKUL, “Cool Jazz and Jazz Classics” to Northwest listeners, but competing with FM stations that drew audiences whose demand for “hi-fidelity” in their musical tastes was a struggle for this little AM signal.

“In 1989, KBNP presented “Knowledge for the Business of Living”, under a signature of Portland Business Radio. Delivering news of business practices, employment trends, cottage industry growth, world market investments and financial news. KBNP was among the first five all-business stations in the country. By 1994, as Bloomberg Radio’s first affiliate “west of the Mississippi” KBNP further established our technical prowess establishing a website and became the first radio station to “netcast” our programming via the Internet in real-time audio—attracting a worldwide audience. To better reflect the importance stock market investments played, in 1998 KBNP adopted the identity of “The MONEY STATION”.

“The MONEY STATION’s focus remains “Providing sources and resources to listeners on: skills to make, grow and protect the monies listeners earn; successful business practices; and, having achieved the lifestyle they’ve built— how to enjoy the benefits of their labors.”

You can listen to recent episodes of the nationally syndicated show here. 

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