Reflective Meditation: Cultivating Kindness and Curiosity in the Buddha’s Company

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The Price of Business Digital Network has a new series of outstanding commentaries from thought leaders.  This is one in that series.

Nelly Kaufer and Linda Modaro

Nelly Kaufer and Linda Modaro creatively collaborate, evolving Reflective Meditation. Both Linda and Nelly founded Buddhist meditation communities. Nelly Kaufer is the author of three books and a licensed psychotherapist, integrating Buddhist psychology into her clinical orientation and providing continuing education to mental health professionals. Linda Modaro began teaching Buddhist meditation in 2008. Prior to that, as an Acupuncturist and a master of Qi Gong, she created a best-selling, four-part instructive Qi Gong video series called Discovering Chi.
Our practice has transformed our lives and the lives of our community. Some people might not even recognize what we do as meditation because we are not trying to stop or redirect our thoughts but instead become more friendly and curious about our thoughts, feelings and bodily experience. And then we reflect afterwards, looking back upon our meditative experience with more awareness.
As a recent reviewer commented, “Reflective Meditation offers a different perspective and approach to not just enlightened thinking and feeling, but dialogue.” So yes, the practice is not just meditation. It’s Meditation, Reflection, and Dialogue. It’s a really contemporary practice. Reflective Meditation applies ancient Buddhist concepts offering a refreshingly contemporary, feministic interpretation that is fitting for the world and conditions we live in today.

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