Soul Sangwan: PMPL 2020 Expectations, Favorite Teammate, Fnatic Inspiration and More

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Soul Sangwan: PMPL 2020 expectations, favorite teammate, Fnatic inspiration and more

A spine of Team Soul’s PUBG Mobile achievement, Dhruv “Sangwan” Sangwan addresses Sportskeeda in a selective meeting. From PMPL 2020 designs to his ETG replacement, Sangwan opens up about cutting his own specialty in the PUBG Mobile world. 

Group souL’s achievement in serious PUBG Mobile’s short two-year history has frequently been scripted as a crew worked around Naman ‘mortaL’ Mathur. Anyway as the group began to enlist a string of world-class exhibitions, a few different hotshots were uncovered from the setup. 

An image of consistency, Team souL’s Dhruv “Sangwan” Sangwan is one such momentous figure, whose ability with the ambush rifle is frequently proclaimed inside India’s ever-developing PUBG Mobile people group. According to, the 22-year-old can follow his foundations to different games from the previous decade, for example, Counter-Strike and Mini Militia. 

Sportskeeda found Sangwan to talk about his arrangements for the PMPL Finals 2020, his excursion in various associations, for example, VSG Crawlers, Fnatic, and most loved partners. 

Soul Sangwan On PMPL 2020 

Q: Outside of gaming, how were you in your investigations, and which field did you settle on? 

An: I was a better than expected understudy in examines. In class 12, I made sure about 82% and had picked Electronics and electrical designing (EEE) at MIT, Manipal. 

Q: How was your family support at first when you began gaming? 

A: When I began gaming, my family was absolutely against it considering it an exercise in futility. In any case, when I won my first LAN competition with Team Fnatic i.e PMAS, they began supporting me to follow my energy for gaming. 

Q: Who is your motivation in PUBG MOBILE? 

An: Honestly I have no such motivation in PUBG Mobile, I simply attempt to improve as a variant of myself. 

Q: Who is your preferred colleague and why? 

A: My preferred partner from Soul is Regaltos as he is exceptionally devoted and centered while playing. He resembles my more youthful sibling in light of the bond we share. 

Q: Why does everybody allude you to as a “Snake” in the game? 

A: People call me to snake in the game from an episode in a custom room, where I had a battle with brawlers and I murdered 2 or 3 players of their group, so they began considering me a snake and that is the means by which the name carried on as I generally used to slaughter by being inclined. 

Q: How was your excursion from VSG Crawlers to souL? 

A: So essentially when I was playing in Crawlers we were at the pinnacle of our presentation, however when I came back to the group in the wake of playing PMAS with Team Fnatic, our exhibition dropped radically. During mid-Jan of this current year, I got a proposal to join Team Soul which I talked about with my individual partners lastly choose to accept the open door as I was performing very well with Team Soul. 


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