The Key to Hands-Off Business Ownership

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Morgan James’s new release, The Lifestyle Business Owner: How to Buy a Business, Grow Your Profits, and Make It Run Without You by #1 International Bestselling author Aaron Muller, demonstrates a proven formula for developing a thriving small business that runs without the owner having to work in the business. The owner of eight companies that run without him, Muller has utilized the methods he outlines for readers in his own life and is now paving the way for other business owners to find the same success.

There are millions of small businesses in the United Statesalone. However, those businesses are not always profitable, and the owners often find running their business can be stressful, mentally taxing, and incredibly time consuming. Yet the most successful, wealthy entrepreneurs own numerous businesses, and still seem to find time to enjoy life. Serial entrepreneur Aaron Muller has discovered the secrets to owning a business that will bring in profit while running itself, providing a lucrative, stress-free life for the owner. He shares his proven strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs in The Lifestyle Business Owner.

With each chapter, Muller lays out a step-by-step guide to becoming a lifestyle business owner, starting with acquiring the right business. Debunking the myth that starting a new business is cheaper than purchasing an already successful one, The Lifestyle Business Owner begins by helping readers determine what kind of business they can afford, what line of business they should get into, and how to get through the purchasing process from start to finish. The following chapters outline how to increase profits, how to market effectively, and how to find the right team to run your business without you.

The Lifestyle Business Owner has been endorsed by several bestselling authors including Brian TracyVicki Robin, and Marci Shimoff. The tips, methods, and strategies found within its pages have been proven successful time and time again in Muller’s career, and are guaranteed to lead readers to a life of lucrative, stress-free business ownership.

Aaron Muller went from being a kid who never attended college to the owner of eight multimillion-dollar companies that run without him. He is the founder of Lifestyle Business Owner Academy, a renowned trainer on owning a small business that runs without the owner, and a #1 International Bestselling author.

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