The One America News Network is on Life Support

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Despite the criticism and legal action, cable providers did not initially drop One America’s News network (OAN). Although the news network has a business relationship with AT&T, its subscribers did not. Its supporters have been working with the company to get the network airing on their services. The network is owned by Herring Networks, which has filed a lawsuit against AT&T and DirecTV, claiming breach of contract and damages exceeding $1 billion.

As it has risen in popularity (and declined precipitously following Trump’s defeat in 2020), OAN has courted even more controversy. The network is currently in the middle of a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit brought against it by Dominion Voting Systems. The network’s host has called for the mass execution of thousands of Americans and promoted conspiracy theories about the Trump election and the pandemic. Moreover, one of the networks’ employees worked on a Kremlin-connected website.

DirecTV has dropped One America News from its lineup. The network has been popular during the Trump presidency and spread conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. The channel also promoted misinformation about COVID-19 and the coronavirus vaccine. The network was owned by Herring Networks, which is responsible for the infamous “fake news” videos and a wealth of other controversial entertainment.

DirecTV and AT&T announced the termination of their contract with OAN in January and April respectively. The last bastion for the network with significant viewership was Verizon.  Now, the network is not waiting for the final shoe “to drop,” as it is reported that “Verizon is set to drop the right-wing One America News Network (OAN) from its channel lineup after the network and company failed to reach an agreement on a new contract” this month.


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