The Real Threat Around Deep Fakes – What Is It?

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Kurt Nordquist, Executive Director of Global Alliances at GDT and host of the new USA Business Radio series, ‘the Digital Matrix’.

The Digital Matrix with Kurt Nordquist

GDT’s Kurt Nordquist interviews Keely Wilkins, Cybersecurity Evangelist at Check Point Software, about deep fake technology – what is it, who are the targets of deep fakes, who creates it and why.  How can we identify it?   It’s a whole new digital world where maybe your eyes and ears DO deceive you.

Kurt Nordquist is the Executive Director of Global Alliances at General Datatech in Houston, Texas.  He also is the host of ‘the Digital Matrix’ a series where he talks to the IT industry’s brightest minds around today’s advanced technology solutions, and how they make positive business impacts for companies of all sizes.

You can also check out the series here.

This series is distributed by the award winning USA Business Radio Network and the Price of Business Digital Network. 

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