TikTok Sale Continues to Stall

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The past few months have been a bit of a busy time in the tech world particularly in mobile – the most recent shake-up has been regarding game developer Epic Games and their ongoing legal dispute with both Apple and Google over their anti-competitive stances on marketplace use, in a similar note we’ve also seen plenty of recent changes for some other genres in the gaming space as online casinos continue to battle changes to regulation that make it difficult for many to access their services, as a growing number of sites such as those here at maximumcasinos.com try to work around initiatives such as Gamstop, the options start to thin.


Perhaps the biggest recently however that may have fallen out of memory for most is the ongoing battle for TikTok to remain in the U.S following the mandate that it must be sold to a U.S based company if the app would still like to continue operating in the territory. The initial issue appeared when a report from a Reddit user was brought to light stating just how much information the application was tracking (where it perhaps shouldn’t have been!) and how there had been a huge potential for this data to be stored and monitored – whilst it was later revealed that nothing had been getting sent back to China that could be measured anyway, and that the majority of current social media apps take just as much if not more data, the seed had been planted.


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