Tips for Tax Planning and Tax Strategy with a Vancouver Accountant

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It is always beneficial to develop a tax plan and strategy for your business. It ensures that all the essential elements for your financial plan are maximized, and allow for tax efficiency. However, this can be a difficult task, so, you will need a professional to tend to it.


Vancouver boasts of excellent accountants. These professionals will thoroughly analyze your financial plan from a tax perspective. And, when this is done, it will make a massive difference in your prime years. The team at borderlesswealth has the experience needed to help you work out tax strategies for your personal or business needs.


First off, what is a Tax Planning Strategy?


Well, this strategy simply analyzes your finances, assets, and liabilities. This is to determine where your taxes need to be optimized in the short and long run.


When planning and strategizing, several variables come in handy. You need to time your income and expenditure. You need to plan all your expenses and investments. Your retirement plan must even equal your holistic financial plan as well.


There are several aspects of your business that tax planning covers. It covers your timing and size of income. It covers your timing of purchases and plans for other expenses. It covers your type of investment and the type of retirement plan you get.


Why do You Need a Tax Planning Accountant?


As a business owner, your specialty is running your business. It is something you have thoroughly thought of, and to be honest, quite excellent at it. This doesn’t mean that the government will hands-off off it. The government will want its share of your business.


What this implies for you is that you have to pay taxes. But do you have time to plan and strategize this? Can you consistently keep track of tax code changes? Are you even skilled enough to browse through your business receipts to deduce those that are deductible and those that aren’t?


Of course not!! Your main focus lies in serving your customers. It lies in disrupting your competition and owning the market. Your business needs to be run by you. You tend to your customers because you are experienced at dealing with their needs. You have no experience and time to handle your business taxes.


For this reason, turning to an expert will be the best decision you have to make. This is where a charted accountant comes in. This link has more on what to know about doing your taxes.


How to Find the Right Tax Accountant in Vancouver?

Finding the right Vancouver accountant is detrimental to your business success. So, it means that you have to go about this decision the right way.


You have to find a professional who isn’t just familiar with tax codes. You have to find a professional who can explain all relevant information to you. You are in charge of your business. You have to make the right decision for it. It all comes down to you if by the year-end you turn a healthy profit.


It is also your fault if you are caught up struggling with your tax lien in the end. Below are the best tips to employ when searching for a Vancouver chartered accountant


Do Thorough Research


First things first, do your research. Go online. During your online search, crosscheck your hires credentials. When searching credentials, you have to be careful. Look out for credentials that suggest the accountant is well trained and certified. Look out for CPA.


A CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. This means that the accountant is properly licensed and trained to provide satisfactory services. Also, lookout for a licensed and certified tax attorney. When you interview your potential hire, ensure that the accountant has a PTIN. This means that they have a Preparer Identification Number. It also means that they are endorsed by the IRS to prepare taxes.


Check that they have an E-file


It is important that your prospective hire e-files. The IRS requires that all tax preparers who file more than 11 returns during a calendar year do so electronically.


If your hire doesn’t e-file, it is a red flag. It means that they do not do as many tax preparations as you would want. It means that they aren’t experienced enough to provide the kind of services that you require. You can find out more on this weblink about electronic-filing of taxes.


Hire a Professional Who Can Represent You


Your prospective hire must be someone who will have your back. Someone that you can depend on during times of audit. Certified public accountants, PTINs, attorneys, are all dependable professionals.


They can represent you during times of audit in front of the IRS. They can represent you in situations like payment issues, collections issues, and times of appeal as well. You’ll also want to ensure that your hire is available for you during the whole business season. This way, you can seek their advice relating to business matters.


Ask the Right Questions


There are a few basic questions you need to ask your prospective accountant. These questions will enable you to deduce their level of experience, and how well they perform in business. Here are excellent questions to ask:


How well do you know the tax business?


Here, you are trying to find out how long the professional has been in business. I advise hiring one who has at least two years of business experience.


Do you have a specialty?


If you are going to be audited in the nearest future, make sure to hire a professional who is experienced in dealing with the IRS and audits.


Does your establishment handle all work in-house, or outsource some of it?


This is an important question to ask. You will want to make sure your hire handles their work in-house. This will ensure you know who you are dealing with. It will also allow for effective communication. How long will the process take? Lastly, find out how long it will take the accountant to do his/her job. This website has more questions to ask your tax accountant.


Take Away


Accounting and tax planning services are essential for business growth. It is why you have to do your due diligence in finding such a company. The tips listed above will ensure you get the right Vancouver accounting firm that will provide quality service for your business.

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