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USA Business Radio has long been the force behind the Price of Business Show.

USA Business plays an expansive role in the distribution of the Price of Business show, placing the program in markets coast to coast and on the largest streaming platforms in the world.  USABR is the official distributor of the Price of Business program.

The Price of Business show has two weekly editions of its long running show.  It airs on Saturdays at 1 PM Eastern Time and 11 AM Eastern on Sunday on the broadcast stations below.  Interviews on the Price of Business air on USABR stations and, of course online as each segment is converted into podcasts.  Online they air both live and archived (see below).

If you are not in a market that does broadcasts the show, check it out on the dozens of streaming platforms it can be foundincluding TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, etc.  Also, don’t forget to check our continuously updated show archive. Check it out, conveniently, in its podcast form below:

In a statement, Kevin Price, host of the Price of Business said “For years one of our goals was to create our own distribution of the show and we are doing that through our long term partner, USA Business Radio, which will be working directly with stations and station groups, coast to coast to get the program out there.  We are excited to begin this effort getting into 16 stations coast to coast — from California to Pennsylvania, and spots in between.”  Those interested in having our show on their station, should contact

AM 1630 in Tampa, Florida

FM 92.1 in Tampa, Florida

AM 1520 in Las, Vegas

FM 99.5 in Las, Vegas

AM 870 in Macon, GA

FM 87.9 in Macon, GA

AM 1640 in Lancaster, PA

FM 102.1 in Lancaster, PA

FM 96.3 in Boulder, PA

FM 90.3 in Milwaukee, WI

FM 94.7 in Pittsburgh, PA

FM 101.5 in Long Beach, CA

FM 97.7 in The Villages, FL

FM 87.9 in Colorado Springs, CO

FM 90.3 in Jacksonville, FL

FM 88.3 in New Port Richey, FL

Listen to the show archives whenever you want on the following platforms: 

Available on iHeartRadio, which is one of the largest podcasting platforms in the world. Listen here.

Listen to the Price of Business at Amazon Music by clicking here.

Check it out at Apple Podcasts by clicking here

Tune in at Audible by clicking here.

Find it and listen any time you want at by clicking here

Listen to the Price of Business Show on Stitcher by clicking here

You can also find the Price of Business at Podchaser.  Just click here

You can listen to the show on Spotify directly here or listen on Spotify by following these simple directions and then downloading the Price of Business Show playlist. Spotify has over 170 million listeners each month.

Listen to the Price of Business at Spreaker.  Just click here

You can also listen to the Price of Business show on Google Podcasts by clicking here.

Check out the Price of Business at Castbox by clicking here.

You can also find the Price of Business at Listen Notes by clicking here

Other platforms people find the Price of Business include:

Chromecast (via Soundcloud, click here for instructions). Over 55 million Chromecast have been sold.

Listen at Apple Music.   Apple Music has over 200 million users.

And more…

The following is a list of all the platforms on which you can find the nationally syndicated Price of Business show LIVE:

Live Online Radio.

My Tuner Radio.


Radio Listen Live.

Google Play.

Apple iTunes.




Internet Radio.

On Amazon Alexa / Echo.

By Telephone:



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