What Is a Newspaper of Record?

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Every once in a while people hear the expression, a “newspaper of record.” What are they and why do they matter?

A newspaper of record is a prestigious national newspaper known for its:

  • Accuracy and high journalistic standards: They employ fact-checkers and editors to ensure truthful reporting.
  • Comprehensiveness: They cover a wide range of news topics, including politics, culture, and business.
  • Historical significance: They often have a long history and serve as an archive of important events.
  • Large circulation: Traditionally, they were printed publications with a wide readership, though this is less emphasized in the digital age.

There’s no official designation for a “newspaper of record,” but some of the most well-respected publications that carry that moniker include:

  • The New York Times (USA)
  • The Washington Post (USA)
  • The Wall Street Journal (USA)
  • The Los Angeles Times (USA)
  • The Guardian (UK)
  • The Times (UK)
  • Le Figaro (France)

These publications are often used by researchers and historians as a trusted source of information about current and past events.

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