As Seen on Streaming: USABR Takes You Behind the Stories of Your Favorite Shows with This Feature

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Everyone loves great shows, be they on TV networks or streaming platforms.  But people also love the stories behind the stories. They like the stories of the interviews with the people featured in a true crime story and what they liked and disliked about the shows they are featured. Emmy Award winning writers love to tell the the story of what inspired them to create a show.  The list goes, the many back stories behind our favorite programs is unless. That is the focus of this series.

Kevin Price, Editor of USA Business Radio and host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business show, discussed the creation of this series, calling it “As Seen on Streaming.” It is designed bring the best interviews and other content about your favorite streaming platforms, cable shows, and much more.

“As Seen on Streaming” — Exclusive Interviews

What’s the Truth in True Crime?

Speech or Pressure? New Film Examines Government Influence

NY Times Bestselling Author Writes His Most Vulnerable Book

Dateline NBC Expert Makes Unique Case for Christianity

Dining Divas TV Launches Travel Channel Spin Off Series ‘Destination Divas’

Inside the Rise and Fall of Juul Labs

EXCLUSIVE: Author Discusses Life With Ted Bundy as a Neighbor

EXCLUSIVE Vanity Fair Accused of Misleading Victims in FX Documentary

New York Times Best Selling Author Adds NETFLIX Hit to His Resume

Unboxing Netflix’s “The Murdaugh Murders”

New Series with Shark Tank’s Matt Higgins Makes Entrepreneurs Ready for Business

NY Times Bestselling Author Shares a Very Personal Christmas Memory

Two Telling and Informative Series on Jeffrey Dahmer are Must Viewing

Anchorman Actress on Crypto & Web3; Diversifying the Industry

Author of NY Times Bestselling Series on Her Latest Installment, “Dawnlands”

Billionaire Reveals the Secrets of the Greatest Investors Today

Netflix Reality Star Parlays that Experience into Business Success

Leading Defense Attorney Looks at “Don’t F**k with Cats”

Netflix “I am a Killer” Episode Completely Excludes Evidence that Could Exonerate a Convict

EXCLUSIVE: “Tales of the Walking Dead” Actress Discusses New Series on AMC

Famed Defense Attorney Looks at “The Most Hated Man on the Internet”

Former Hosts of “The Doctors” TV Series Tackles Migraine Headaches

Noted Attorney Explains the Shocking Story of Murderer Gene Meredith

Famed Defense Attorney Looks at “Our Father” on Netflix

“Madman in the Woods” Author on New Book and Netflix Show

Famed Defense Attorney Looks at the “State of Texas vs. Melissa”

Netflix Refuses to Bow Down to Woke Culture from Employees

The Relentless One, One Women’s Story of Resilience Inspires Documentary

An Amazing Profile of Courage

Famed Defense Attorney Unboxes “The Dropout” on Hulu

Lessons Learned from Netflix Hit, “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King”

Media Authority on the Amazon-MGM merger and Streaming TV

Famed Defense Attorney Sheds Light on Netflix “Catching Killers” Cannibalism Episodes

NY Times Reporter’s New Book Explains the Wonder of Mad Max: Fury Road

Innovative Streaming Platform is a Game Changer for Reaching Viewers

Missy of the Duck Dynasty Discusses Her New Children’s

Author of the #1 NY Times Bestselling Series on Latest Book

Producer Discusses Important Netflix Film on Sinister Cult

Official Biographer and NY Times Best Selling Author Discusses why Bourdain was One of a Kind

Netflix Filmmaker on Platform’s Pledge to Black Banks and the Potential Impact

Billionaire, Broadcaster, and Bestselling Author on “The American Experiment”

EXCLUSIVE: NY Times Bestselling Author and Force Behind Iconic Film, “Rocket Boys” Discusses New Book

Prominent Defense Attorney Discusses the Rise of Shows About the Wrongly Convicted

EXCLUSIVE: Photographer Discusses Capturing “Abandoned America” and CBS Sunday Morning Interview

Subject of ABC Documentary Discusses Her Escape TO Alcatraz

Netflix Filmmaker Offers Contrarian View on Dave Chappelle Controversy

As Seen on CNBC: Why Businesses Flee California

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW DC Adult Education Program Highlighted in Wondrium Documentary

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 40 years of Afghan History in Powerful, New Docuseries

Netflix Director on Biden’s Vaccine Approach and its Impact on Minorities, Hollywood, and More

Author and Amazon Prime Doc Participant Blows Lid on Buddha-field Cult

EXCLUSIVE Billionaire Broadcaster Discusses Latest NY Times Bestseller

Author of Book Behind Documentary Exposing Corporate Welfare Visits the Price of Business

Authors of Book Behind Hit Netflix Series on How Dictators Get Power on the Price of Business

Bloomberg Media Personality and Entrepreneur on the Future of Solar Power

Documentary Filmmaker and Bitcoin Authority Talks on the Rise of Crypto

Coach Buddy Stephens’ Candid Discussion on Life After Netflix’s “Last Chance U”

New Movie Danny Doom From Budget-Minded Filmmaker Matthew Wilson

Under Scrutiny Facebook Makes Huge Diversity Pledge for Black Content Creators

Professor Behind Curiosity Stream Documentary on the Implications of the Interstate System

Authors Behind CNBC Documentary on Carlos Ghosn Visit the Price of Business

Netflix Filmmaker on How New Hollywood Diversity Initiatives are Increasing Minority Representation

Emmy Award Winning Producer Discusses His Personal Look at Former CIA Director William Colby

Netflix Filmmaker on His Experience of Getting Degrees While Serving a Decades Long Prison Sentence

Netflix Filmmaker Discusses if Cancel Culture Going too Far

Shark Tank’s Corcoran Reveals Her Favorite Sharks Exclusive on the Price of Business

Netflix Contributor Discusses His own “Surviving Death” Experience

Unabomber’s Neighbor Gives the Rest of the Story Behind Netflix Series

EXCLUSIVE, NY Times Best Selling Author Takes Reader to Navy SEALs “Hell Week”

Award Winning Actor Discusses New Book on Being a Man

Minority Coverage in the Media and Cancel Culture

From Convict Author To Hit Netflix Documentary

EXCLUSIVE: From the White House to Hollywood — Democratizing the Investment Ecosystem

Pulitzer Prize Winner Talks New Book on Iconic “Midnight Cowboy” Film

Netflix Film Maker Weighs in on the Award Shows Treatment of Minorities

Producer of Wildly Popular Netflix Show Weighs in on Minorities and the Media

EXCLUSIVE: Abuse Survivor and Attorney Talks About New HBO Doc Series on Woody Allen

Former Trainer on Longtime Hit TV Show Talks Debilitating Health Condition and What He’s Done About It

Key Player in Netflix’s “Trial By Media” Provides Shocking Backdrop to Story

Distributing Your Show on Amazon Prime Video Direct is Very Easy

Emmy Award Winning Travel Journalist Brings Adventure to Viewers During a Pandemic

Part 3 of Interview with Producer of Film on Oakland County Child Killer — The Lost Children of Detroit

Part 2 of Interview with Producer of Film on Oakland County Child Killer — How He Narrowly Missed Being Abducted

The $11,000 film that 200,000 People have Watched on Amazon Prime Video

Producer of Chilling Film on Oakland County Child Killer Talks Personally About It, Part 1

Star of Netflix’s “The Great Hack” Visits the Price of Business Show

Emmy Nominated Director Talks About His Critically Acclaimed Podcast

Emmy Winning Actor and SAG Winning Actress Discuss Their New Project on the Price of Business

Author of Blockbuster Book, MEG, Visits the Price of Business Show

Bestselling Author and Filmmaker Discusses Importance of Mindset on the Price of Business

Critically Acclaimed Director Discusses Her Breakthrough Novel on the Price of Business

Star of Netflix’s “Shot in the Dark” Visits Price of Business Show

Star of New Apple+ Series, “Ted Lasso” Visits the Price of Business Show

Star of Popular Netflix Series on Restaurants Talks Pandemics Impact on the Industry, on the Price of Business Show

Comedian and Actor Terrence Williams on Harris for VP

Producer of New Film Discusses Leveraging the “Law of Attraction” in Business and Life

“People love streaming and cable programs” Price said.  “We spend more time on such shows now than ever, but people love the stories behind those programs as much as the shows themselves,” he said.  “Behind every program there is a story, my interviews on the Price of Business show of the USA Business Radio network allow the listener go behind the story, to meet the people behind the project, and to see a dimension of the show that will not be seen on the screen or TV.”


Kevin Price has interviewed people throughout the streaming platforms — Netflix, Amazon Prime, Curiosity Stream, and many more.  In addition he has interviewed the stars of traditional network shows as well.  Those interviews and great related content will show up on this feature. The interviews are throughout the Price of Business Digital Network.

This is a continuously developing story, more articles will appear here as they are posted on the Price of Business Digital Network


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