Rocket Mogul Max Polyakov Is Planning to Merge US and old School Soviet Union Aerospace Technology

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With Investments of over $150 million in rocket technology, Max Polyakov is becoming a key figure in research and development in both the US and Ukraine.

Rocket Mogul Max Polyakov to Merge US and Old School Soviet Union Aerospace Technology

At the age of 43, Max Polyakov is advancing in the sphere of rocket technology. He is the owner of Firefly Aerospace, previously Firefly Space Systems, and has already landed contracts with commercial satellite companies, the US Department of Defense, and NASA. For the latter, Polyakov’s team will be launching a series of satellites into orbit.

Some of the research and development are held outside of Cedar Park – in Ukraine. This strategic move takes the aerospace talent of the Eastern Bloc and combines it with America’s intelligence.

The Launch of Alpha

This year, Firefly Aerospace has been working towards the launch of its first rocket: Alpha. At a cargo capacity of 2000 pounds, the rocket will fly in low Earth orbit. Max has stepped into the vacant niche market of middle-sized satellites.

A rocket lab from New Zealand occupies the small satellite segment, while Blue Origin and SpaceX work with cargo capacities of 18,000 pounds and above.

But Max is not limiting himself to the middle segment. The company is planning the launch of Beta – a bigger rocket. He is also branching out into propulsion systems, satellites, lunar landers, and reusable spaceplanes.

Alpha was to launch in September, but Firefly rescheduled to a later date. The rocket will now launch in December.

Industry reports show that Max Polyakov has been successful in other businesses, including software outsourcing companies, advertising, gaming, and dating websites. He is also the benefactor of many universities in Ukraine under his foundation, Noosphere.

Firefly Deal With the US

Firefly CEO Tom Markusic and his team worked out an unprecedented deal in Aerospace technology with the US Government. Under the deal, Ukraine Aerospace IP can flow into Texas, allowing for easier communication between Firefly engineers in Ukraine and their American counterparts.

The deal does not, however, allow for Texas IP to flow into Ukraine. Whatever happens in the US, stays in the US.

What Does the Future Hold?

As is known, the aerospace industry is one of the most demanding and expensive investing spheres. The stakes are high and financial success reveals itself only in the final step: the launch. This is the step we await as the date of the launch – December – approaches.


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