Bitcoin Dice, the Game That Is Becoming Huge

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Every now and then a new game comes along to excite online casino players, encourage new players to join and encourage existing players to play something new. Over the recent months Bitcoin Dice has started to increase in popularity and when you see how simple it is to play you’ll see why. In fact, many places make it as easy as they can for you to play, by guiding you through the best crypto dice strategy and point you in the right direction of Bitcoin casinos you can play at, it really wouldn’t be simpler to join in this new phenomenon.

What Is Bitcoin Dice? 

When you think about betting with Bitcoin it might seem like a scary prospect or something that is going to be complicated to get to grips with, but Bitcoin Dice couldn’t be simpler. We’re probably all familiar with ‘higher or lower’ type games and that is exactly what Bitcoin Dice is. As the name suggests, a dice type playing piece is rolled – in this case with numbers between 1 and 100. All you have to do is guess whether the next number rolled is going to be higher or lower than the last – simple right?

The pay-outs vary depending on what the chances are of you winning, for example, if you only have a very small chance of the number being lower the prize up for grabs will be much higher, but of course, your odds of bagging the price are less. Some platforms add different varieties, for example, they may have cards as well as you can guess whether the next card is going to be black or red.

Why Is It Called Bitcoin Dice? 

Although a dice isn’t physically involved, it does involve a random roll of numbers where the outcome could be any of them involved. And then, of course, you have the added factor that you’re not playing with standard currency but instead spend with Bitcoin – and there you have it, the name Bitcoin Dice is born!

Playing Bitcoin Dice

Much like traditional casinos, Bitcoin Dice providers are offering varying bonuses to tempt you to play on their website. Faucets are a great way to do this – which is where you get a free cryptocurrency for logging and playing a game. You can use this cryptocurrency to enjoy playing Bitcoin Dice – great news! There are also various welcome bonuses, new player games and much more, Bitcoin is looking to be big business and casino operators online will most certainly want to be a part of this!

Some Bitcoin Dice websites even have a scoreboard that shows what people have wagered that week and where you appear in the league. They often give you a prize of doing well that well for winning but also for wagering the most that week; a great boost if you haven’t had a good week with winnings!

Bitcoin Dice looks set to be the next big thing in online gambling so if you’re keen to stay ahead of the crowd you should really check it out.

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