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Sandra Haseley was born in Canada. However, she moved to the US and grew up moving around the country. Sandra attended Bonaventure University, where she received a degree in Finance with an undergraduate in marketing. She received a Congressional nomination to attend the Naval Academy; however, she did not participate. Additionally, Sandra played division 1 softball at two universities. This woman is a mother of four children ranging from 5 years old to 15 years old. 

Sandra started her international commercial real estate career, where she managed, secured, and helped develop over $500 million in real estate deals. She held a Director-level position in corporate real estate for years before launching four successful businesses spanning from Organization to healthcare to business consulting. Following her career in real estate, Sandra began corporate coaching and created a professional organizing company where she closed tens of millions of dollars in sales for various companies. Sandra later co-founded Buffalo, New York’s highest-rated all-natural weight loss program, Revolution Weight Loss, where she runs a team of health experts and transforms lives daily across the country. Sandra has created systems and schedules to run the businesses without working more than 36 hours a week. 

Today, Sandra Haseley is the owner and partner of Sandra Haseley + CO. and Generation Impact Consulting, LLC. She has also been hired as a corporate consultant and a keynote speaker for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi at This optimistic woman has been building and scaling businesses using the organic strategy on social media. She is also excellent at creating systems for efficiency and productivity. Sandra provides the strategy, tactics, and mindset that help women meet their goals, and her energy and humor allow them to get their satisfaction in a way that feels fun.

Course Creation

One of the services Sandra provides is through her digital courses, which has helped hundreds of her clients succeed. However, most people still don’t know how to make a course. Few people know how to start and build a course that will not only help their clients, but one their clients actually complete. Sandra is already ahead in the game. She never creates a course until she makes sure that she has taken someone through a transformational process, which is what she advises others to do. Additionally, she stresses the importance that feedback has in helping one create their study course. 

According to Sandra, having a live interaction with people will make you relevant in your creation. You need to have a standardized process for people to go through. Ensure that your clients go through a transformational process and like your systematic methods. Go ahead and have a live experience with them and get their feedback. Once you get their input and thought testimonials, you are well set to create your courses. 

In creating your courses, ensure that your digital course platforms have as much interaction as possible in quizzing or feedback or commenting sections. These aspects help keep people in the course material. You can monetize your platform easily;y with just a click button that turns visitors into affiliates. 

Benefits Of Creating Your Course

Course creation is essential for your business. Here are some of the key benefits. 

  1. In order to scale your business, reach more people, serve people at various levels of their business, creating a course will allow you to manage all of those things at a lower cost to your audience, while still providing higher ticket services in other offerings.
  2. Online courses are something you can sell over and over again. Once you are done creating, it becomes an asset you can use continually time and again, requiring only updates as the information evolves or improves. 
  3. Digital courses are passive income. You still have to spend the time marketing each and every offering you create, however, once you’ve done that and your audience has grown, it’s a great way to receive income while you sleep. 
  4. Course creation will also position you as an authority in your niche or sector. It will give you awareness as well as recognition. 
  5. Course creation is also an efficient way to serve more people.


Are you considering creating your course? Sandra Haseley is the go-to person. She will help you with a step-by-step guide and ensure that your course creation is beneficial to your clients. You can connect to Sandra on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Email, or visit this website for more information. 

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